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[Christmas Points] Bonfire in the Cold

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TOTAL HEAT: 2 506 137 




Aethon: 494146
*Miq*: 462335
Eon: 443627
Clock Master: 279358
Lintara: 277492
Eara Meraia: 277170
*Nimrodel*: 109403
*Sunfire*: 69677
MRF: 69361
Esmaralda: 12120
Jubaris: 11061
Tissy: 336
dst: 51
Decision about rewards pending.
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Following some discussions, the decision about the rewards is as follows: the threshold will not be lowered, but the rewards will be slightly adjusted(1st and 2nd get 2 xmas pts each, 3rd and below get 1 xmas pt each).


While indeed, the threshold was an overestimation on my side, something else was to be taken into consideration: even if the threshold was too high, people did not work together almost at all, except for some very few isolated attempts. Participants themselves sabotaged each other significantly more than I and my sneaky, shady co-saboteur did (in fact, we both stopped trying to poke at the participants after the first 15-20 minutes. 

This is the main reason behind the decision - people not getting into the christmas spirit at all and poking spokes in each other's wheels rather than helping each other.


However, I insisted that some of the efforts put by some into the quest were admirable. The scores are as follows:




TOTAL HEAT: 2 506 137 / 5 000 000 - ~50% of threshold


INDIVIDUAL SCORES, rankings and rewards (rank/name/heat/reward):


1st Aethon: 494146 - 2 Christmas Points
2nd *Miq*: 462335 - 2 Christmas Points
3rd and below: 1 Christmas Point each:
Eon: 443627
Clock Master: 279358
Lintara: 277492
Eara Meraia: 277170
*Nimrodel*: 109403
*Sunfire*: 69677
MRF: 69361
Esmaralda: 12120
Jubaris: 11061
Tissy: 336
dst: 51 - Below participation threshold
Thank you all for participating and for your patience, and sincerest apologies for the organisational hiccups on the way. First time holding a quest of this sort.
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"Participation" is determined as follows:

MP3: Donate a minimum of 1 Heat

MP4: Donate a minimum of 500 Heat

MP5: Donate a minimum of 1000 Heat


Erm.. does the participation heat requirement apply?

Meaning if the above players have heat amounts below their MindPower Heat limit, do they still get points?



(editted for really bad typos)

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