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hello all .....


I am wanting to sell my slave leash. depending on how you treat me as a slave will vary on how i will act as a slave. I may give you some spell stones, coin or rp items. Maybe even some Hot tea.

This will be a period of 5 months time. 


I will accept many different bids  ex( coin, creatures, rp items, usable items, personal items , spell stones ect)


i will chose who/ what ever bid i want to so please keep that in mind.


All in all i hope to see who will buy this item :)

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bid: 10sc now, and 10sc upon (successful) end of the slave period

treatment: well my ego is precious to me so I may force you to call me some fancy names :D other than that, I'll be pretty correct and straightforward. I wouldn't take your items/coins, I might take some spell stones depending of your circumstances and depending of your own will. Services I will mostly take are your actual presence somewhere, carrying out some missions, etc.


The leash is fully functional, it won't expire sooner than the designated 5 months? :P

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