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wth? I was positive this bug was actually resolved. You don't see the [friends] tab below the chat window at all?

EDIT: I now see this a bigger problem. The bug has been reported to Manu and will hopefully be resolved soon. For those of you wondering, the + add friend button is just refreshing the player info as shag said. The problem is not some error on his part, it's a serious glitch that will hopefully be resolved soon.

Thanks in advance for your patience,
Master Archivist

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Just to throw myself out there, even though I know Ren is having Manu look into the overarching issue. :-) You can use me as a guinea pig if need be. I tend to be good a test subject...

Ren that issue we checked on yesterday...well...I have 4 friends and now nobody gets added to the list....

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