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Ya, its a bug. If you choose to wait in the story, then reset your character and the waiting time wasnt over yet, it will be carried over. The game thinks your trying to continue so it still takes the waiting time. To move out of that page, a continue option appears. So as i said before, the game takes it as if you were waiting on the story. Just wait untill its over and youll be able to continue :angry:



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Hello to everyone. I'm not sure if this was reported, i didn't find it so here it is:

I was still in storyline mode with the free roaming option (where you have up to 24 hour meditation available) and decided to reset my character. At that time, i still had a while till my meditation timer ended and when i reset, the timer was still active. So even though i was at the beginning again i had to wait untill the countdown ended before being able to start playing the game.

Thanks for taking the time to read this...

Norix Raah

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