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The excessive amount of ap... must be because you were doing fights with a lot of rounds, but i doubt you can get that much ap from that... I guess it's a bug?

you got banged, hard...

-70k vp and lulu, stay awaaaaay from glai's account :(

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that or it is wodins magic

by the way he can cast magic that could be one of the spells cause i know he healed my critters and i went to negative vp because of it

so him casting that ap spell on you would probably cause the negative vp

but i have gotten that from fighting dst

now my record is-26763 vp

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I don't know how that happened to you Morgana, because Wodin has healed me several times and nothing else ever happened. Not to mention, I've never actually EVER seen AP go over 100 :(

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AP can go over 100 through normal means, like using the free credit links, going through some part of the story, or activating the 'secret feature' (Is it still considered a secret?) but I don't know what would cause it to raise to max int32. :( Probably either a bug or a spell.

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actually glaistig i was talkin avout wodin castin a spell to increase his ap

which would decrease his vp

I had already been at -120k vp from winning fights against regenration rituals even though 100% killed id still lose 10k exp and about 30k vp and then someone even atatcked me with a regen ritual once which damaged me even more thats the story on that...the ap was totally a random thing though

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