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Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound

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well since I do not draw for some years, that will be a nice try :P

From mythology Cerberus means "the devil from pit" or it is know as "hound of Hades"; He was a monstrous dog multiple heads that guarded the entrance to Hades (literally what we mean as hell), the underground kingdom of the dead, leaving the souls enter but never leave, shattering the mortals there ventured.
Then taking into account the real meaning of "hell hound" nothing better than a cerberus; But the most important part of my inspiration was my own Rottweiler using its beautiful original appearance, and making it into a hellish creature slowly. After all a furious Rottweiler by itself is an impressive figure.
I decided then split into parts, 1 original appearance; 2-did the design of the final look, something that I could see it would be possible to erase a little and split into two, thus the stage 2, is a fierce creature, twice bigger than a normal dog; 3- a hideous creature, bigger than a tiger and two hideous heads, with fulminating eyes, their saliva is lava; with natural thorns on the eyes and neck, his legs when it stepped on the ground are able to make any vegetation to ashes.






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2 hours ago, Reficul said:

Aw... Digital medium isn't allowed? But I'm trying to save the trees! :D

Sorry no. I think i had told someone else that before. It can not be digital, so people can see its real. Also dont worry if your drawing or sculpting skills arent all that great.  No body is perfect :)

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Hope I got the rules right, so here we go...

Inspiration: Well, I like monsters and their designs. I love Alien, Cthulhu, and the monsters of Hellboy. I really like deviating from the norm when designing something and tries to be a bit different from the common perception of things.

Took the eyes out because I don't want my hellhound being distracted and leg-hump on his free-time lol. Expanded his ears and tongue to compensate from the blindness. Now he'll be able to chase what I need him to chase. Burnt most of his fur and put some skin disease to give it the appeal that it was transformed by hell and not a native there. Longer and more vicious tail for further enhanced chasing.

Hope you guys like it! :D

Pic links: http://imgur.com/a/for9o

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So here is my entry, after a long time contemplating what to do! :D

The picture as a whole:



Closeup of the first half:



Closeup of the second:



Description of drawing:

Hell is closely associated with death and suffering, hence the almost skeletal/decomposing state. The front legs are actually useless, due to be small and fragile, therefore are only used for picking up small prey. The blades are welded into the bones themselves and are neigh-on unbreakable. They are used for, not only battle and to cause damage, but to also walk on.

This one's hind leg was torn of when fighting with it's pack Alpha for the highest position and he lost -- they often go for the limbs as, as mentioned before, they are exceptionally fragile and can be broken/torn off easily.

The chains are embedded directly into it's wings and remaining flesh, causing it eternal pain, placing it into a rage like state, therefore causing it to be even more vicious and unforgiving.

The wings, though looking useless, are in reality extremely strong. Masters of these hounds often chain many of these creatures together, forming a sleigh. They have been seen to fly in the human world at night, with their masters, and were the main instigators of the misconception of "Santa Clause" and his reindeer. In reality...it was not sweet little carrot munching reindeer they saw, but these terrible, skull crunching, creatures they saw flying through the skies.

Hope you like these, they're a little dark for my liking but hey-ho!

Drawn using:

  • Sketch pencils; 4B, 2B, HB
  • Charcoal and white pastels.
  • 0.25, 0.5 and 1 Graphic line maker pens.
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4 hours ago, Aethon said:


2 judges are still inactive. Since it has been so long and i have not been able to get new judges when asked i will reward the wp to Aethon. 

Please no more enterys as i am going to change the rules to better suit this problem. Nice work Aethon. 

Also looking for reffercul for his wp.

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On 5/19/2018 at 1:26 PM, Sashimi said:

(ohoh i just found that this is a permanent quest, i will update here when i am finished)

I havent remade the rules and redone this yet. So at this very moment I am sad to say no its not active. 

Since you are showing interest I will work on it tonight and have it ready to be reopened in a day or two

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