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Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound

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Congratulations to Aeoshattr....... He has met the required score with his forum rep to earn a wp.


I thank you for your great work and I was interested to see that's how you saw them "after you were done with them"


Enjoy your reward Aeo and great work :D :D :D

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Congrats to Dst. she proformed well and met the required score. It was a lovely creation too.



Also a Re-vote was done on Vladans submission since the new rules were put in place and a new judge was added.

In doing so she has also met the required score to earn her Wp.. Congratulations Vladan


Congrats to both of you :)

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Is this still valid, not necessarily for the rewards, just the fun challenge?

..and yes, apparently so.  I didn't see the smaller "Permanent " line at ht ebottom on my tiny screen.  oops

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Thats Awesome Maebius. very creative. i like how you drew and also sculpted the hound. It is very interesting and great artwork. 


The judges are notified and i will have your score to you as soon as i have the results 


:) :) 


Again nice artwork i enjoyed your small video and how its appears to be real flames going down the hounds back :) i love it

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Again nice artwork i enjoyed your small video and how its appears to be real flames going down the hounds back :) i love it


I will delete this post, so don't reply to it, but... it was real flames.   The benefit of using kiln-fired clay was so I could smear the back with alcohol and ignite it for that effect.  :P  

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All the judges made there choice in scoring Maebius's submission and he made the required score. 

Maebius has received his wp.


Again Maebius you did really well.






Make a submission and get your wp 

Id like to see more people play this :):):)

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First picture is sketch from when was hiding... almost gots caught that time... whew..was close...too close


second is detail of eye and side of face... see told ya was too close..


third is one did quick quick... happeneded to see one lat at night... didnt wants to stay long so quick quick sketch



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After a long review the results are in!   I am glad to inform Aniwaya that she has met the requirements and will be receiving a wp for her beautiful art work.



Aniwaya please find me in game and i will award you with your wp










Now it's your turn!!!! Create or draw a hound and come get your wp

Dont be shy!!! They only bite a little 

:ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r: 

Edited by blackrider
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2 hours ago, lashtal said:


Inspirations: J.L. Borges "Manual de zoologia fantàstica"; H.P. Lovecraft's "Dagon" and "The Whisperer in the Darkness", Hayao Miyazaki "Spirited Away".


The extreme diversity of dogs and hounds known to mankind is mirrored in Hell by a vast carousel of hobbling aberrations.

With very few exceptions, Hell Hounds are the result of the wildest experiments on animal remains, sometimes pushed even further by the incorporation of mechanical devices.

It's not always a question of insanity, or evilness... sometimes it's just necessity. 

Being Hell so chaotic, it's incredibly hard to find a complete carcass to re-animate.

Although paradoxical, Demons follow Zen's precept "work with what you have": the lack of resources counterbalanced only by the most vivid imagination.


Rufus - the wheeled squid-hound


A good example of what can be found down below, Rufus is a horned skeletal hound whose anterior paws have been grafted with squid-like tentacles.

Furthermore, its posterior comprehends wheels and a horrid scorpion tail.

Although confusing, it is usually referred to as a front-wheel drive beast.


Trudy - the basset tank


Trudy is very cute, but extremely deadly in narrow spaces.

The head of a basset hound has been provided with a unicorn horn and mounted on caterpillar's tracks, in order for him to chase on any ground.


Poldo - the flying chiwawa


Don't underestimate this one! Because of his small size, the butterfly wings can take him anywhere, unnoticed, and he really loves to scare the crap out of people. Usually you realize it's there only when he is 2 inches far from your face. 

He has a rat tail and a very high-pitched voice.






Sometimes I do wonder what goes on inside that head of yours, @lashtal:))

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16 hours ago, lashtal said:

No news??

Sorry Nimrodel was one of the judges and she did not vote before she stated she will be leaving due to RL i guess it was. I am working on getting a new judge. Please give me a few more days. Sorry for the wait. You haven't been forgotten

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