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  • 2 weeks later...

With the LandVote coming very close to automatic Acceptance, and with my own discussions with MRF, I have officially accepted him as a member of Marind Bell citizenry. 
Welcome MRF!  

Scene: Angien's Ferry, after a conveniently timed meeting outside Willow's Shop, where MRF was doing handstands....

: MRF walks over on my hands still wobbly

Maebius: *chuckles* Well, since timing is of the essence, I will get straight to my reasoning to invite you here. I know you've wished to be a citizen, yes?

: MRF nods swaying dangerously

Maebius: The votes have been tallied, your reasons explained, and I would be honored to *he tilts his head to try talking somewhat at the same orientation as MRF's*

Maebius: ...Honored to welcome you as a Citizen of Marinds Bell. *draws the ceremonial sword, still leaning half-sideways, with a smile*

MRF: *rolls over on to my knee to make it easier for you* thank you kingy

Maebius: I will ask, once more, if you could reply aloud. Do you wish to join our Land, and aid it's efforts as well as seek aid for your own? And stand against any who oppose it?

: Maebius kinda wiggles the sword a bit, trying to figure the best way to use it on an upside-down person's shoulder without injury

MRF: yup unless MRD comes back (highly unlikely since his account is locked)

MRF: (i rolled and on my knee now :P)

MRF: and if MRD does come back it will be a leaving on good terms and good faith of anything learned stays with me

Maebius: Understood. ( oops, wrote that as I was typing, then saw you flip over.. sorry!) Then, it is my great pleasure to invite you, officially and with full rights and blessings, to be a Citizen.

Maebius: *taps the sword gently on MRF's shoulder then flicks it to jungle one of the bells* Welcome, to Marind's Bell. Now, feel free to stand, among equals. *grins* .

.MRF: *Stands and twirls* thanks o my king oking

MRF: (dead poets society references on you for life :) ))))

Maebius: *chuckles again* That's two more KingyComments, you know. and it's officially tracked now! *puts the sword away and twists the sparkly ring once, then extends his hand* Glad to have you, sir!

Maebius: (sounds a barbaric YALP, in welcome!)

MRF: *shakes it* thanks good to be your peon o king my king

MRF: awesome :D and i figured forum access would be a while especially due to my circumstances

Maebius: (The forum is more "chewett is on holiday", than "personal circumstances" i beleive. No worries. I will keep you informed of anything important there!)

MRF: yay

Maebius: (Now, sadly, I have a young sprog that needs my attention, not in this realm for a bit.)

Maebius: Thank you again, for making Marind Bell your homeland, for as long as it may serve us together.

MRF: My pleasure thanks for wanting me :D [/spoiler]

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