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[quote name='Amoran Kalamanira Kol' post='31134' date='May 15 2009, 05:15 AM']Okay.. first I'm going to suggest a better scanner.

But for an attempt this is pretty damn good. Most people can't even draw hands when they just start y'know?

I'm going to say this since you asked me to give advice a lil' bit... try to redraw this picture again- i'm not saying that it is not a good first try, but really.. try to perfect it by redrawing it :P

I would suggest working on the shoulders and arms just a little bit and...

try to draw fabric a bit more, and I see a bit of a tilt in the picture- but that could be the movement of the fabric causing that....who knows? lol

Examine fabric and its various movements. How it ripples, how it hangs off the body, what it does in various light sources..etc.

I think this will help you a lot and improve your drawing abilites.

Yeah- I see potential, keep it up. :)[/quote]

100% agree..great attempt..

[quote name='Neno Veliki' post='35774' date='Jun 30 2009, 03:03 PM']avatar bounty made me take the pen and try to draw something. here is the result.. well maybe its not avatar material, but here it is.. any comments are welcome, along with some tips on how to enhace my possible future drawings[/quote]

thats really good my friend..keep drawing! :good:

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Why not? I prefer drawing chicks myself About the anatomy book..I had bought the following.. [url="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Anatomy-Drawing-School-Geza-Feher/dp/3833125284"]Drawing School anatomy[

the drawing skill is good it does look a little twisted though..like his torso is half turned around, more detail would be nice as well, looks a little rigid if that makes sense

Why is artisans guild topic closed? I didnt know where to put my new drawing so i decided to attach it here.... Hope its good.. Here it is.....

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here is new one. lost girl
in first i thought that i did great job but when i scaned her and scaled her up i see that there are lot of imperfections..
btw thats not drawing from my head, i found a photo on the net and just tried to sketch her for practice..

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If i am allowed to a remark i'd say that the avatar is great (the way the torso is bent is not perfect but very close) ..Lost girl is excellent (just a bit of attention to the lines in the nose area -especially right nostril)..and the indian is great as well (only thing you could improve perhaps is the shading near the eye)

Overall i have to say that you have great potential..I like the fact that your draw with clear lines..Work on your shading a bit more..and it could be helpful to buy a book and study human and animal anatomy..at least it helped me...

Great Neno!! :D

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Why not? I prefer drawing chicks myself :D

About the anatomy book..I had bought the following..

[url="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Anatomy-Drawing-School-Geza-Feher/dp/3833125284"]Drawing School anatomy[/url]

and i can recommend it..but since you already bought one that's ok :)

Hmmmm..the only thing that i have drawn for the game so far, is my entry for Kafuuka's torturing devise contest..You can
check it out if you want [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5264-festival-contest-day-275-kafuuka-torturing-device/page__st__20"]here[/url]

Right now i am preparing some avatar's for the game..(i am not sure if i must reveal that though :))

But first chance i get, i will upload some of the other stuff i made during my years of practicing!:)

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