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I want to make a masterpiece for you MB, something with a dramatic bunny....jumping up and down or, or eating a humanoid. Unfortunately my extreme powers and extraordinary skills does not cover the art of pencil to paper ;)

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Why not? I prefer drawing chicks myself About the anatomy book..I had bought the following.. [url="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Anatomy-Drawing-School-Geza-Feher/dp/3833125284"]Drawing School anatomy[

the drawing skill is good it does look a little twisted though..like his torso is half turned around, more detail would be nice as well, looks a little rigid if that makes sense

Why is artisans guild topic closed? I didnt know where to put my new drawing so i decided to attach it here.... Hope its good.. Here it is.....

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Huh. I'm sure the Metal Bunny I thought up of a while back (ranting about the moves it would have in Super Smash Bros) would pwn anything Tzuki could be made into. Actually, I think "Emm Bee" should replace Tzuki. Like, you know, a nickname for someone named Emma/Emmy? Well, okay, not really.

Anyway, Jonn, the only thing you need to do is grab a picture from Azumanga Daioh of the Ebil Black Kitty biting Sakaki's hand, make a transparency layer, trace the outline and make minor adjustments to change it into a bunny, you know, the ears and legs, add a puffball onto the rear end, ect.

n_n Glaistig is innovative.

EDIT: Reread Jonn-post-- oh wait, you might have been imagining something else far different.. D:

I feel the need to explain. You see, it's because you were talking about an animal eating a humanoid.

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You see, Manu falls unconscious having had too many to drink, so the chaotic party begins--and I request a magic marker, and evil Jonn gives me a marker, and I say, "Suggestions, comrades?!" and Jonn wants a circle with a star in it on the forehead, and SageWoman wants a tail, and Penelope wants a mustache and someone else wants horns and a last someone wants neon green hair. So I claim Manu as my canvas for art--my masterpiece!


Feel free to identify the someones if you know who they are.

EDIT: Two someones left!

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Ohhh, a tail....aren't those usually in the butt area? Anyway this place is magic, so there is no need to stick with a traditional tale anyway I suppose.

In case I didn't mention it....it truly is a masterpeice Glai. I would never have guessed a goat could draw so well. How do your cute little cloven hooves grasp the tools, I wonder?

Sounds like Manu is more fun than I thought! I will have to make it next time.

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I drew the mustache myself! I think the tail was sage-woman's idea. I'm not sure about the pentagram bit...but it was someone interesting....Jonn maybe?

Might I point out as well, that while Glai did the art, I rendered Manu immobile. Much easier than suspected too, I might say. He was the first to pass out though.

I wonder why no archivists showed up to the party? Apparently they are more dry than we thought.

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Yupyup, Jonn did the star-within-a-circle. And Manu seems to have a surprisingly low tolerance for alcohol. Doesn't seem like he can hold his drink very well~

Goat. . . goat . . . Who spreads this profanely false rumor even now?! I thought I had stamped it out a long time ago.

Mm, the bookies boast about their mattress races but it looks like they hold qualms with parties. It's too bad.

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I made this during the latter half of an incredibly boring lecture.. which was 45 mins.. and I was really bored..

So here it is, without furder ado, my first, and hastily drawn ugly sketch page..


Next time I'll put in Shoeps surrounded by ... 'Jonn-ified' gophers..
I mean, Shoeps likes dirty stuff no? :D

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[quote name='Metal Bunny' post='18527' date='Oct 16 2008, 09:09 AM']You sound kind of.. offset.. you sure it's not because my glorific painting glorifically (I know it's wrong, shush) glorified the current situation? :)):))[/quote]

Actually, the way it's written is Glor-ific. It means something as awesome as me, especially when pertaining to artwork. In this case, I think you used it appropriately.

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