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Why not? I prefer drawing chicks myself About the anatomy book..I had bought the following.. [url="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Anatomy-Drawing-School-Geza-Feher/dp/3833125284"]Drawing School anatomy[

the drawing skill is good it does look a little twisted though..like his torso is half turned around, more detail would be nice as well, looks a little rigid if that makes sense

Why is artisans guild topic closed? I didnt know where to put my new drawing so i decided to attach it here.... Hope its good.. Here it is.....

Posted Images

ROFLMAO. Saki, I LOVE how it turned out! You gonna do the one I think you are next? :angry: which reminds me, I need to come up with something else to draw myself. O.o

As for poking fun at Wodin, I think his sense of humor doesn't mind too much :blink:

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As for poking fun at Wodin, I think his sense of humor doesn't mind too much :D

Yeah, right >:) You should've seen Lulu cower before his threat-filled, raging rant about how she lacked respect, as shown by negative comment on the appearance of his cape and sword ("lame," she called them) while he was idle.

My poor pet...

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Ehehehehe...well, if the need to smooth Wodin's ruffled feathers ever arises, I have a piece of fan art waiting in the sketchbook. Hopefully, it'll save my hide. >>

@Grido: Yeah, I can see the potential spoiler in it...but then again, I slacked on the background details, so maybe it wouldn't be too spoiler-like?

@Ren: What was I suppose to draw next? :huh:

@Bunny: ...What "it?"

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Both of you should stop doing fanart of people I dislike. D: I mean, all the people you mention in your plans: Wodin, MB, ect..

You must be hanging around them too much; they have the power to dull the brain. I can help with suggestions since it's not really your fault you aren't thinking logically. I mean, the obvious choice would be me in my glory. You can add Lu, but only in the background.

Revelation! :o

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Yes, yes, Glai. You in your eternal glory. I shall work on that right away. :P

And Bunny is teh awsumm...@_@ *I-BID brainwashing kicking in*

@Ren: Oh~! That one...yeah...I kinda dropped it since I figured that it would be most beneficial to my health if I took a break from poking fun at Wodin for a bit...>>;

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Well, I suppose here it is...This is my depiction of Khal's being summoned to the shades. I made the assumption it caught him by surprise and he was reflexively trying to get away.

As for my art, my details are getting better, but I'm still not quite in full swing yet. Comments? :D


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Never tried to put a pic in a forum before... Here goes nothing...

Holy junk drawer, that worked!

This is a picture of Renavoid drawing a picture of Khalazdad dissolving into bright colors one fateful day...


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ooh yay :) thanke saki, errm maybe some sort of a party? it's my birthday today(now 01:13am) so i'm in that sort of mood
Ooo~! Happy birthday, Grido! =D

I'm afraid that the party fan art will be a little late, though. ^^;

@Ren: Nice one! I love the detail. =D *has no attention span for armor and trinkets like that* xP

@Khal: *throws a boot at Khal for the bad pun* >_<

That's a cute picture. Hehehe...a drawing of Ren drawing...xD

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@Saki, thanks, I enjoy detail. :)

@ Khal, lol, I loved the pun :) and the art is great! I laughed so hard! :) thanks

...is it just me...or am I in 4/5 fanarts? xD

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