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MD Shop reset link missing?


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It seems like some people can't see any link for a md shop reset. I'm not sure if this is a bug or they have to meet some requirement first. They requested a screenshot, since I told them I can reset.

Removed Image as its not needed - chewett

It's at the bottom of the page in the text under the orange bar, where you see the "here."

Does anyone know why I have it and others don't? And how many others don't have it/do have it?

EDIT: clarified :P

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Probably so; I think it resets all the items?

And since someone asked before, I'm going to post here that more shop resets are granted by Manu at his whim :) there aren't any set triggers or things like that.

EDIT: chewett says it resets specific items here.

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That's odd.. Manu made an announcement not too long ago that all mp4 and 5 would gain a shop reset.

All MP4 and MP5 players received one additional shop reset so that they can reuse entry level items once more if they finish their shop items. Additional shop reset are distributed rarely depending on player shop activity.

If it still isn't there, I think it might be a bug and you were missed or something. Someone, ah, not me, could contact Manu if so.

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