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(Hope I'm not too late to the party)


Dear Mr. Rubico....


I must contest against some of the prior statements! Particularly against the Mr. Salmon, there. Tut. It's not about love or reproduction, in fact! He mispronounced it completely! It's not Ara-Mour, it's Air-a-more! Meaning, we need more air! Well, they're made with plenty of air. So much Air I wonder if the tiny men of GG could fit inside of them... Maybe that's why the tiny men are stuck. It's a conspiracy!

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Hello Mr Rubico,



It appears that my fellow helpers are often quite daft and just can't see the obvious. The thing is that your entire question is based on a false assumption that armor is even a word. In reality armor is a typo from aramour that has caught hold in some societies.


- MoT -

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Best Mr Rubico from the 'Institute of old stuff we aren't sure wasn't just rubbish' and anonymous writer who challenged my answer,

While the idea that the word aramour origined from "Air-a-More" is a fairly common misconceptions, this story can be considered fishy at best. After all, they are not called airamores, but aramours, and more importantly, during the reproduction armors wouldn't wish for more air, but all they really want is a bit of privacy and love.

Best regards,

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Question 4:

My colleague Mrs Pedlington raises a fine question, therefore I ask why are they called aramours and not armors? - Mr Rubico from the 'Institute of old stuff we aren't sure wasn't just rubbish'


Mr Rubico,

I would like to point out a fairly significant difference between aramors and armors that you may have missed. Armors are those static pieces used mostly for decoration or as very heavy overcoats. Those just stand around waiting for dust and polish. Aramors are in a completely different bag. They can move on their own, they fight, they have vim! And for their enthusiasm, they also won the rights for a whole extra syllable!


Hope this helps,


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Dear Mr A Corn,


Leaving aside your flawed belief that things which shouldn't have been said even exist, I wish to inform you that Acoustic Remains has an extra filter you should have been aware of: the caster. What reaches you is what the caster wants you to see. It's similar to what you see on television, actually... just one big conspiracy meant to keep the truth away from you by tying you down to a few tons worth of weight and throwing you in the murkiest pool of lies out there.


A simpler way of looking at it would be to realize that we're talking about Acoustic *Remains* = bits of information which can be placed in different contexts to fit the agenda of whomever spreads them.



Best wishes,

GCA (Global Conspiracies Anonymous)

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Uncle Bob's Column is thankful for your advice and wisdom. He has hired out the candy man to bring you all candy to say thank you.


The top 4 contributors who kept to the spirit of the column also get 5 silver each, Miq, Assira, Asthir and MRWander


Thread can be closed.



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