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Sorry to say blackrider but this is a totally di***-ish move from you. You could have told both Aeo and Z that their pics don't respect the rules. Imo the best two drawings (no offense for the others) are Aeo's and Z's. I agree, the rule was not respected but I don't think that a simple message from you to them would have been such a big issue AND would have solved the whole problem.


Besides, look at Z and his quest where darkraptor didn't read the requirements correctly and posted something else. Z changed the rules because the entry was very good. So your inflexibility and lack of care for your questers is not something to make you proud of.


Don't get me wrong: I am all for sticking to the rules but I am also for making/helping people NOT break them (sometimes a simple message to a person breaking a rule, furthermore if that person DOESN'T know they are breaking it, does wonders).


I am disappointed. REALLY disappointed.

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​Final Announcement for the birthday version 


There was many people upset with what happened in this quest and i had a long talk with Chewett and Mur about it.

First off i'd like to apologize to everyone that got upset with this quest.

It was my fault as to why everyone got upset and i did not mean to cause any problems.

Below are the reasons as to who won what place and why and how i did the judging.



How judging was done!


Judging was done by me. I did judging base off of the forum rep of the drawing and also the creativity and imagination. (not so much as to detail cause not everyone is a great drawer)

The hand was for authenticity purposes yes. To state that you drew it. I DID NOT once say any ones was stolen. I know every one took time drawing it and they did a really

nice job at it to. Mur has given me 1gc for each participant. He lsaid he likes the quest and wants people to have a better reward for the effort. 


Why Who Got What Place!!!


Lania got 1st place .............Here are the reasons why.

She drew a hound that had multiple heads in a way and also had a snake like tail with multiple legs. I thought Her image of the Hell Hounds was very creative and imaginative.

To see How she see's the hell hounds is extremely interesting. She did very well in my eyes. and so she made first.



Eagle Eye got 2nd...........Here is why,

He drew a hell hound giving a gift to his "master". and also took the time to draw a back round image of a castle. Not sure what castle he had in mind when drawing it.

I thought it was a little bit hard to see but i thought it was very creative and imaginative as well.



Zleiphneir made 3rd...........Here is why.

He drew a very well drawing that had many different features. multiple eyes and it was trying to eat cake. also the small side drawing of what looked like a skeleton of a hound or something to that effect and did a very good job and his view of the hell hounds are nice



Every body else..............


1gc will be given to every one else thanks to Mur.



I hope every one enjoyed the quest And once again i am sorry for the trouble caused.

Thank You



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