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MD 10th Birthday Quest - Day 10 - Be the Hero you know you can be!

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Quest: Be the Hero you know you can be!


Task: Combine a fort and an aramour armour submission. Either yourself, or in a pair, create a film telling the story of an attack on the fort and how the aramour defended it.


  • Can be a moving picture or a series of still images turned into a film
  • Must have a prologue describing how the battle came to take place
  • Must have a soundtrack
  • Optionally can have the story in text in the film
  • Can be as ridiculous or serious as you like
  • Must have an attacker, (Examples: a broom stick designed to look like a dragon, or a clan of teddy bears, or a foot with a face drawn on it...)
  • You can use any image manipulation software you like
  • Must contain your fort and your aramour wearing person as the main figures


Here is a helpful example of how I would do it in a pair:

  • You build your cardboard aramour armour and take your pics and submit.
  • I build my fort, take my pics and submit.
  • I then contact you on a messenger service and we discuss the 'story'
  • we both have a broom stick. So we agree to build some wings and a dragon head to put on the broom stick. The images won't be exactly the same, but the idea will be there.
  • We decide the dragon will attack my fort, and you will protect the fort
  • I take a photo of my fort looking all nice, then some of the broom stick dragon appearing and trying to set it on fire. I photoshop/clipart/paint edit the photo so there are flames and stuff.
  • You take a photo of you running in the same type of area as my fort (eg the living room or the woods or whatever it is ive made my fort in), then a photo of you looking shocked, then one looking angry, then one where you draw a sword.
  • I take some photos of my dragon getting all angry and the fort being destroyed
  • You take some photos with your broom stick dragon of a fight scene. Its in a tree and you are underneath with your sword, or its hiding in a cupboard and you are ready to pounce on it, or it has your arm in its mouth
  • We then might edit the photos to add the fort in the background of some of your pictures, and sometimes a bit on fire, and we add shine to your sword and armour.
  • We then put the images in sequence to tell a story, put it into windows movie maker and add a soundtrack and maybe a text story to it.



Judges: Z & Blackshade Rider


Judged on: Amusement, stylisation, storyline, creativity


Rewards: 1 x anni aramour for funniest submission


1st: WP\ Darkling ( if a team wins first place then both get the same. but it is their choice which one they want of the two)

2nd: as above, whatever is left

3rd: Rusty Morph


Submissions: Videos sent to myself and Blackshade Rider via forum PM.


Great reveal to be carried out on the final day of MD Birthday at beserkers puzzle, sometime after 15:00st where winners will be announced.

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Here it comes people...the back curtain operators have spoken. Bye bye Rusty, hello Morph! Third prize is now a Morph!


...and for all you aramour lovers, here's a new addition you'll like, 1 x anniversary aramour to go to the funniest submission!



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i completly misreaded the quest post and start working on my first "animation"...
now when i was ready to upload it, i took a bit more time to read the full post and realised what was asked have nothing to do with what i was working on :P
Anyway i got a lot of fun doing this so.. i will still share it



"The last stand in the protection of the glorious cake!"

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You know what...given that we are on day 9 and don't have a single aramour armor submission yet....I will allow submissions of the kind darkraptor has done, and the quest is extended through Friday to give you some extra time.



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