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<<<Gold Avatar Auction>>> #24

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Hold on now! :D


What is this zoo around here. Our Auctions were nice and tidy once... Ah, those kids ;)


I will take away few crits and evaluate others, based on the Rules, and not on the prices those creatures are selling for.

If someone feels uncomfortable, please get back and read the Rules again, where you agree with them once you place your bid.

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Now, please make sure to take your cup of valerian infusion prior reading below:


First I will point out Section 6.2 from the Rules of this Auction (with which you agree automatically once entering and bidding), where there are not accidentally few coloured and bolded words.


Second, below are the prices I will value your rare creatures with and I will take absolutely no arguments against them.


1 Nutcracker - 2gc

1 Santa - 2gc 8 sc

1 Rustgold Drachorn - 3gc


Now this translates as follows:


Latest bid of gonzalocsdf95: 5gc + 37 sc = 7gc7sc

Latest bid of Sasha Lilias:     2 x 2gc8sc + 2gc + 15sc = 8gc1sc


Please note, that those values are applicable to our Auction only! Those numbers can't apply to any other transactions outside this Auction and it's Rules.



Sadly this Auction won't end exactly by the Rules. All bidders interested have only few more days to decide. Thank you.

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Section 6.2 from the Rules of this Auction were specifically crafted so that the activity of the Avatar Managers doesn't interfere with the overall life of MD and the Forum. That's why we deny certain things and welcome others.


So the values in my previous post aren't changed and are based only on the creatures we have chosen to accept.


If there is a change sometime in the future, it will be reflected in the Rules and I will make sure everybody bidding is aware of that.

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Dear MD community, I am sad to announce that this Auction is canceled.


We are not pleased with this outcome, but shortly after this weekend is over the new Auction will start. So count your coins, gather funds and clean your screens ladies and gents :D


And if any questions arise during the Auction in matter of bidding, bids, rules or anything at all, feel free to contact us prior making any actions.

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