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Oh hey, looks like charades has the other team guessing too. I thought it was the other way around. Not accusing you of copying it of course, just wondering if that was the idea.

Oh, that's the game that I based the the quest on yup. We play it here in groups and it's always really fun. SO I tried to make it fitting for playing it in the chat, and eventually made a quest. I really hope it will turn out well and we'll all have fun. :)
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Oh. By the way. Since its a team event make it two wishpoints. One for each member of the team. If I win I wont be rewarding the wishppint to myself. But my team member can win it I guess.


I can reward a second wp

I asked rikstar to request the second one from chewett for the same reason Nimrodel mentioned but if you could sponsor it that's great! Thank you! Edited by Witty
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Are there any scores you took into account? If so can you publish them? Along with the who won how many guesses?


Sure! Will post them later on today, along with the chat logs :)

Edited by Witty
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The matches were the following:


Princ Rhaegar + Apophys   vs   Aethon + Aeoshattr

           1p                 1p                       0p             0.5p


Nimrodel + Zleiphnir  vs  Mirus + Lintara

      1p             0p                   0p       0p


Nimrodel +  Zleiphnir   vs Princ Rhaegar + Apophys

      1p               0p                          0p                 0.5p


Sir Blut  + Sunfire    vs   Aethon + Aeoshattr

    0.5p           0p                    1p              1p


Sir Blut + Sunfire   vs  Mirus + Lintara

     1p            0.5              1p         0p



Tie Breaker matches:


Princ Rhaegar + Apophys  vs Aethon + Aeoshattr ------- Team Rhaegar/Apop wins with giving a 0.5p answer first


Sir Blut+ Sunfire  vs  Nimrodel + Zleiphnir  ------- Team Blut/Sunfire wins with giving a 0.5p answer first  (this round was played only with one person to represent each team)



Will be back with the logs when I get a little bit of free time to clean them nicely.

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