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Knock-out Combat tournament on Day two (15 April).


Time 21:00:23:00



1) no Tokens

2) 0 influence

3) no uncommon creatures (aka only currently recruit-able for everyone)

4) starting from the last 4 surviving players, all untokened creatures allowed.

5) no combo rituals.

6) all contestants must sign up here and on the bhc signup page

7) don''t hurt the mp3's while crossMP attacking is allowed (purposefully attempting to cap them, drive them to -2325412108vp and so on. Best if you refrain from cross mp3 attacks beyond what is needed for the tournament )


MP3, MP4, MP5, MP6 allowed


You must be online at that time. Don't sign up otherwise. 


24h before the contest signup page will be opened (bhc). You have to sign up!


I will draw random pairs.

Two fights per pair (player one attacks player two and vise versa) .

Logs and screenshot from result page to me. If its totally equal (win/lose/stealth/sword), we will redo once. If still i'll judge (might find a extra judge)

Survivors of first rounds will be drawn again against each other (losers might have to fight again between them to balance the amount of players advancing)

Final battle will be 4 fights.





First four will get to choose from a list of WP|Soulweaver|2gc|1gc

First 3 will also get an Anniversary Aramor

Best MP3 (if not in the overall top) Angien

Best MP4 (if not in the overall top) GG



Creatures allowed from (not applicable on the last 4 fights):

Winds crossing.


War Hold 

Ravens Peace






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By the way, wish shop jokers, will you allow them?


Technically, they are recruitable by everyone in the wish point shop and they aren't deep there, with wish shop for days you can get them by the time you get to mp5.

Premium creatures are also uncommon in the same way.


I assume you want strictly only those recruitable in public locations? Yeah I know it's a stupid question, you already stated something like that in the rules, but please double confirm it :D


Also, unholy priests and tormented souls? By my assumption - they aren't allowed, but it's kinda weird to see them banned.

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Creatures allowed from:

Heresy lane


War Hold 



And as told semifinals and final will have all untokened creatures allowed.

Clock Master



You didn't mentioned combo rituals. I assume not allowed


yeah no combo

Parentheses influence...

I can do that ( -3-)



no you don't need alliance if you are mp5. Alliance just allows mp4 to participate.

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The correct name is Wind's Crossing, not Heresy Lane.


You also forgot Raven's Peace.



Yes, sorry. I was in a bit of hurry.
Main post updated.

What if im mp7 and just hold 3 trees? -3-



Honestly i don't know enough about mp7. 

So mp7 is banned from the contest.

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Honestly i don't know enough about mp7. 

So mp7 is banned from the contest.

MP7 can attack any MP level without an alliance, but can also use illusions to change their creatures. So probably a good call.

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