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Chewett Trivia is best trivia!

Saturday 18th, April, 14:00 I will be hosting a trivia session, with a twist.

For part of the trivia you will need to be in pairs.

Find a partner! Please list your partner on this thread.


If someone cant make it and want to, mention, we have the whole day so I could shift it around :)




More details, including confirmation of the time will be announced nearer to the event. Consider these provisional for now.

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All teams must submit 4 MD themed trivia questions with the answers. These will be used for round 2 against others in a sudden death style round.




During this round questions will be asked to all teams and the answers will need to be sent in via PM by ONE team member. You score points based on how many people successfully answer the question during the time limit.


No points will be given if no one is able to answer your question (which means it cant be too obscure or hard), but the maximum will be given if 1 team can answer, after that the more teams that answer the question, the less points you get.



Failure to submit questions will mean you will lose out on points that round. 4 are needed to ensure that there are few duplicates. "valid" questions are ones that have not been submitted to me before, and if you submit a duplicate question to me then that question is lost (So send them in fast!)

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So basically, the point is to create a question that only your team will know (to answer when you post it) and get max, otherwise you get less points?

Asking because you didn't explicitly state that you will be eligible to respond to the question you made yourself.

You do not answer your own question.


The aim is to try and make non impossible questions that people can answer.

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Still I feel unanswered.


What I want to know is if a question of team A gets pulled out and asked on the trivia, can team A answer it (being the only one that answers it, thus ensuring the scenario that you named as the best for getting points), or does that mean team A is to abstain answering it, and the goal would be that only one of the other teams would answer it (because you get less points if more of them answer it)?


If the latter, what encourages anybody to answer at all if they know they are helping team A to get points (the problem is just to motivate yourself to answer the first).

I assume they also get points in the round 2 for answering it (so we get two types of getting points there)?


It can encourage abuse, with teams cooperating and forwarding answers so the team A gets little points (if team A is leading so it's common interest to slow it down, etc.). It can also encourage team A to forward the answer to one other team, so they get max points, if nobody else knows the answer...

Although this abuse paragraph can be ignored, everything can be cheated on and we're being nice here.

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The full details will be published at a later date. but yes you get points for answering questions correctly, I havent fully decided how each round will allocate points and they might change.


As I said above, if its your question, you cant answer, or I wont accept your answer. Im not sure how I can say "You cant answer your own question" clearer?

I would be upset to hear of anyone trying to cheat in what is to be just a fun trivia session, and anyone reporting another team for cheating or attempting to cheat would end up with a reward and the cheating team would be... dealt with.

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