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JadenDew and Change's Pomegranate plot

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Day 1 - Planting the Seeds

:Change points to her bare plot 
:Change sticks a white flag in it 
:JadenDew sucks on more seeds and proceeds to spitting them into her plot 
:JadenDew grins red-stained teeth at Change 
Change: *giggles* Stick out your tongue. 
JadenDew:I refuse *pretends to be a dignified lady with .. oddly red coloured lips* 
JadenDew:mmm i know nothing about gardening... how do ya make them grow? 
Change: *chuckles* Okay! I wonder if there are any pomegranates left. 
Change: *shrugs* Water? 
:JadenDew glances at the seed cores on the ground 
JadenDew:DO we need to arrange them properly? 
Change:Good question. There don't seem to be any pomegranate trees around here. 
:Change doesn't know what they look like either 
Change:If they're close together, they'll compete. Let the strongest survive?
JadenDew:Moar seeds it is~ *proceeds to stuffing her mouth with seeds* 
*Sasha Lilias*:You two running off! 
:*Sasha Lilias* laughs 
:Change giggles 
Vertu Honagan:Oh! Is this it? 
:*Sasha Lilias* passed Pomegranate seeds to Change 
*Sasha Lilias*:It is *smiles* 
Mirus:what can we do here in the garden? 
:Change nods to Vertu 
:JadenDew spits seed randomly in Change's plot 
Vertu Honagan: *smiles.* Well, thank you, dear. 
:Change thanks Sasha and smiles 
JadenDew:mm do we have to bury them.. 
*Sasha Lilias*:Take enough time and who knows what you may grow. 
JadenDew:though that sounds like a funeral line 
Change:Burying is good. It is a funeral! 
:*Sasha Lilias* laughs as her little army of gnomes finally catch up with them 
Change:Death to the seeds to provide life for the new plant. 
JadenDew:mm.. any spades? i aint doing it with my hands 
:Change passed Bone Shovel to JadenDew 
Change:This should work? 
:JadenDew digs into the ground and drops some soil over the fallen seeds 
:*Sasha Lilias* passed Candied cherry to JadenDew 
Vertu Honagan:35 gnomes? 
:*Sasha Lilias* passed Cheesecake to JadenDew 
Change:And Mirus, gotta work on your plot constantly, but you could see results! 
:JadenDew sticks the candied cherry in her mouth and continues covering the seed with soil 
:*Sasha Lilias* nods and points to the gaggle of gnomes behind her; some just standing there looking dazed, some fast asleep and some looking around for places to fish! Some seem to be carrying their limbs though.. 
:JadenDew pats down the soil with the back of her spade so Change's plot wont look like ugly lumps of soil 
JadenDew:mm so water now? 
:Change nod nods 
:Vertu Honagan watches them keenly. 
:JadenDew takes the candied cherry out of her mouth 
JadenDew:Watering for lazy people!!!! 
:JadenDew used the Weather Heavyrain stone to temporarily learn the Weather-heavyrain spell 
*Sasha Lilias*:Hmm...I think I have some fertilizer some where... 
:*Sasha Lilias* disappears for a second 
:[Spell] rain rain come again 
:Vertu Honagan watches her. 
JadenDew:Now i have to find grandpa for more stones ... 
:*Sasha Lilias* reappears again 
*Sasha Lilias*:Ah, I don't... 
Vertu Honagan:Who is grandpa? 
*Sasha Lilias*:I gave it to Z for Bob... 
JadenDew:Grandpa Marvolo 
JadenDew:So urh.. 
JadenDew:fertilizer... get from where? 
Change:Could help you to water if you'd like. 
Change:Hmm... grasans? 
JadenDew:Shall i kill someone to make organic fertilizer? 
JadenDew:I dont have one :( 
JadenDew:Anyone got some.. *makes a face* grassan ferment? 
Change:I've seen plants grow without fertilizer soooo 
JadenDew:soo it's fine? 
JadenDew:and you would water them everyday for me? >w>? 
Change:Seems so. *sprinkles some bone dust on it*Heard that helps too. 
Change:We can take turns? 
:JadenDew glances up at raining sky 
JadenDew:be right back.. 
:JadenDew passed Bone Shovel to Change 
*Sasha Lilias*:Hmm... 
*Sasha Lilias*:Put some egg shells down. 
*Sasha Lilias*:Where did that girl go... 
:[Spell] Death shall find you JadenDew 
JadenDew:.-. stop spying on me 
:*Sasha Lilias* grins at Jaden 
*Sasha Lilias*:Jaden, you should take this. 
JadenDew:take what? 
:*Sasha Lilias* passed Egg shell to JadenDew 
*Sasha Lilias*:Crumple that around the plants when they start to grow. 
*Sasha Lilias*:It'll prevent snails and slugs from eating them. 
:*Sasha Lilias* smiles 
JadenDew:"crumple"? like make them into little itsybits? 
:*Sasha Lilias* nods 
:Vertu Honagan watches them all curiously. 
JadenDew:wats next? 
:*Sasha Lilias* waves a hand and her tome appears, a quill hovering before it ready to write 
Change:After the eggshells, it looks like we're done. 
:JadenDew stares blankly at Change 
*Sasha Lilias*:Place the egg shells when they sprout. 
*Sasha Lilias*:Snails won't eat the seeds. 
JadenDew:how long till they sprout? 
*Sasha Lilias*:About...a month. 
*Sasha Lilias*:But they don't need much water or tending to during that time *smiles* 
Change:How much water? 
*Sasha Lilias*:They're very hardy plants. So the occasional tending to will suffice. 
*Sasha Lilias*:Water them once a week or so. 
Change:Tending to? *nods* 
JadenDew:which reminds me.. 
:JadenDew takes out her portable potplant and leaves it out in the rain 
JadenDew:I always forget to water... 
Change:Good idea. 
:Change materializes one of her barrels and leaves it open in the rain 
JadenDew:you collecting the rain? 
*Sasha Lilias*:I think that's it for now. You've spread the seeds, planted them, given them some water... 
:Change nods 
Change: *places another one beside it* Can't hurt. 
JadenDew:so now its the waiting.. 
JadenDew:gah i hate waiting! 
JadenDew:im hungry already! 
:Change is used to waiting 
*Sasha Lilias*: *laughs* I think we're done.
:Change hands JadenDew some of her pomegranate seeds
:Change eats a few as well
JadenDew:Eh no need.. i have some still

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Day 77 Year 10


JadenDew takes out a squirtbottle of rainwater and waters Change's patch
*Syrian* pokes jaden and runs off again
JadenDew: hey! cant you stay!
JadenDew: aw
JadenDew sighs and goes back to watering the sprouts
JadenDew wonders if Change did any watering


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Day 79 Year 10



: JadenDew navigates carefully past the large stones and cubes towards Change's plot

: JadenDew takesout her squirtbottle of rainwater and starts spraying the seedlings
: JadenDew puts the squirtbottle away and pull out a bag of crushed eggshells
: JadenDew places a few pieces of eggshell around each seedling
JadenDew: There.. that should help protect against meanie snails and slugs..
JadenDew: at least.. thats what Sasha said...
: JadenDew is skeptical and wonders if she should start killing every snail and slug she sees instead.


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Day: 82 Year: 10

[spoiler]: Change tiptoes over to her plot and notices the eggshells there
Change: Hmm...right, those were for snails and stuff.
Assira the Black: Hmm...
: Change wonders how snails taste
Change: Hi, Assira. *kneels down and touches the earth*
Assira the Black: *nods to Change* Hello
Change: Slightly damp. Guess JadenDew got the watering done.
Assira the Black: Or it rained.
: Change smiles and sucks on some more pomegranate seeds
Change: That too. Both work.
: Change spits the seeds into an unclaimed plot
Change: More can't hurt after all. See what the snails do with these.
: Change walks off[/spoiler]

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Day 84 Year 10
JadenDew: Gah!
: JadenDew flops down next to Change patch
: JadenDew grumbles about people sending her underground when she is sleeping
: JadenDew rolls over and stare at the seedling
JadenDew: * feels something poking in her side and and sat up straight* Eh! Change planted pomegrates seeds here too?
: JadenDew gets off the unclaimed plot quickly
JadenDew: *grumbles* More to water..
JadenDew: on the bright side, more to eat later..
: JadenDew sighs and takes out her squirtbottle and begins sprinkling at the pomegranate seedlings and seeds
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Day 89 Year 10



JadenDew: .... *stares at the cube ontop the tree and wonders how it got there*
: JadenDew shakes her head and stepped towards Change's plot of sprouting seedlings
: JadenDew puts her pack down and carefully removes a potplant and sit it beside her pack
: JadenDew takes out a slightly squished squirtbottle
JadenDew: Raising things to eat sure takes much longer than to eat them...
: JadenDew sprays the seedlings with the bottled rainwater
: JadenDew sprinkles some water on her pot plant too
: JadenDew drags her pack to the base of the tree and stretches out under the shade
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Day 109 Year 10

[spoiler]: Change yawns softly, sketchbook tucked under her arm, and tiptoes around the stones to her plot
Change: *pats the earth* Hmm, bit dry, but still good.
Change: *checks her rainbarrels* Enough water it seems.
: Change takes a large vial from her satchel and fills it with water from a rainbarrel. She then sprinkles it over the plot and, once it's empty, refills it a few more times and repeats
Change: That should be good. *leaves the vial by the rainbarrel for easier access*
: Change jumps over the stones and heads off[/spoiler]

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Day 116 Year 10

[spoiler]Howling Gates

: Dragual Monarth passed Water to Change
Change: Thank you. *smiles*
Change: Though that removes my excuse...
: Dragual Monarth smiles and nods again
Dragual Monarth: *chuckles* Yes, it does.
Change: Hmm... *stands up and yawns*
Change: Guess I should water our plot. Want to come? It's in the garden.
Dragual Monarth: What do you need it for?
Dragual Monarth: Sure.
Dragual Monarth: Which one is ours?
Change: Pomegranates. *points towards the community garden and walks off*
Change: You'll see
: Dragual Monarth nods and follows her

Meeting of the Roads

Dragual Monarth: Holy wow. All sorts of new things.
: Change waves to Mur and then looks at Dragual
Change: Yup. Ours is by the white flag.
: Change tiptoes over the stones and walks towards the plot
: Change kneels down and pats the earth to check for dampness
Change: Hmm, bit dry.
: Change takes the large vial from beside the barrels and fills it with water
: Change shakes the vial over the ground to mimic rain
: Change does it until the vial is empty
Change: There. *puts the vial back*
: Dragual Monarth smiles at her
Aethon: Tears might help that grow you know. *smiles a little*
Change: *chuckles softly* Perhaps. Though I'd wonder at the effects...
Dragual Monarth: *turns to Aethon* Then we shall make you cry... *grins* .
Change: Hmm... *inspects the plot more closely* Yes! Looks like there's a small green thing coming up.
Aethon: *looks at Dragual* Why make me cry when I already have the tears required? *smiles* .
Change: Took long enough. Still a long way to go though.
Dragual Monarth: Only for the sheer joy of doing so...
: Change giggles at Dragual
Aethon: Ah yes, a "let's be evil" Necrovion... *chuckles*
: Masked Figure 4939074 lurks
Dragual Monarth: *grins and scratches his chin* Now what can we say to make you cry...
Dragual Monarth: Oh, you're mother never loved you.
Dragual Monarth: You're ugly.
Dragual Monarth: Smelly too.
Change: At least we're honest! *chuckles*
Aethon: *grabs the boots before waving* Very little, if anything. Take care sir!
Dragual Monarth: I mean, what's with that nose?!?
: Dragual Monarth nods
Aethon: Also, you may wish to work on your stereotype... *chuckles before dashing off*
Change: Hmm..heard something about dead things warding away live things.
Change: *pulls out some of her dead hair and scatters it around the sprout* Should repell small critters I think...
Change: Well, back to the gates.
Dragual Monarth: Repel some, attract others.
: Dragual Monarth nods and follows
Change: *chuckles* Perhaps.
: Change heads off[/spoiler]

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(Been distracted with Europe, but plants still need watering!)
Day 147 Year 10

[spoiler]: Change walks over to her plot and pokes at the earth
Change: *frowns* Kinda dry. Good thing it rains occassionally...hmm...
: [Spell] Rain rain rain!
Change: *winces* Will have to hide now. Sketchbooks don't like water...but this should do.
: Change tucks her sketchbook under her cloak and runs off towards shelter[/spoiler]

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(Been distracted too.. >< But i haven't forgotten!)


Day 172 Year 10



JadenDew: Hrm.. they are growing alright..
: JadenDew clears Change's patch of pomegrate seedlings of weeds
: JadenDew spreads some "fertiliser" around the plants that look suspiciously like dead bits of thigns
JadenDew: yckyck,.. i hate this part..
JadenDew: Aeo~ *waveswaves a grimy hand*
: Aeoshattr nods and mutters as he taps the wrong stones
Aeoshattr: Ah, there we go.
JadenDew: and there he goes..
JadenDew: now i will be alone again *sniffles*
: JadenDew tilts her head alittle as if she was hearing something
JadenDew: ah yess i forget
JadenDew: *unpacks her pot of Jade teardrops and place it among the seeldings* You be a good plant senpai and teach them how to grow faster? yes?
: JadenDew goes back to busying herself with spreading fertiliser and pulling out stray weeds
JadenDew: done.. yearg
: JadenDew washes her hand in a bucket of rainwater
: JadenDew slosh the slightly muddied water over the r plants
: JadenDew takse out a squirtbottleof rainwater and water the remainign plants


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Day: 183 Year: 10

[spoiler]: Menhir collects memorystone
Change: hi, nut
: Change sits down by her plot
JadenDew: we should plant it so we could grow mow nuts and roast them
Change: tis tempting
JadenDew: Time to garden tend i think? (are you logging or..?)
Rophs: Don't plant me1
Change: it is the only way the nut will have children sooo--
Change: it's a favour! (yupies)
Rophs: *crosses his arms* Kids are not for me!
: JadenDew puts on some glvoes and get to pulling weeds
JadenDew: Of course not.. they are for roasting .. *says as she pulls out some weeds*
: Change fills a vial of water from a barrel
: Rophs passed Grasan ferment to JadenDew
: Change pours it carefully around the tiny saplings
Rophs: Some grasan poopies to fertilize the plants.
: Change watches them soak up the water fast, so she gets another vial of water and pours it on too
JadenDew: Thanks Rophs..
: JadenDew tries not to cringe as she spread the "fertiliser" over the plants
: Change thinks fish would smell nicer
: Change puts the vial back beside the barrel and stretches
Change: think that's enough?
JadenDew: I think so.. gimme some water to wash my hands and gloves please.. yck
: Change giggles and dips the vial in the barrel again
: Change hands it over to JadenDew
Change: really need a bucket, but oh well
JadenDew: .. i dont think a vial is enough *pouts it onver her gloved hand anyway*
Change: Marind Bell should bring the buckets instead of the light
JadenDew: got a bucket?
JadenDew: *laughs* I agree
JadenDew: I will wash it in their pond i guess..
JadenDew: yckyck.. see you back in at GoE?
Change: *nod nods* good idea
Change: yup! *waves*

Fortune's Well

JadenDew: ooh this is convienent..
: JadenDew washes her hand in the basin under hte water pump
JadenDew: much better.. *throws out the filthy water and rinse the basin*
Gazebo of Equilibrium

JadenDew: back~
: JadenDew takes off her gloves and pokes Change with a clean finger
: Change giggles
: Change pokes back
JadenDew: dint have to go to MB .. used the waterpump's basin at the well
: Change nod nods
JadenDew: how long before we get to eat pomegranantes?
Change: *shrugs* They should be full saplings soon[/spoiler]

Edited by Change
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Day: 203 Year: 10

[spoiler]: Change walks over to the pomegranate sapling that reaches up to her waist
Change: *kneels down and feels the ground that's neither dry nor damp* hmm. it has been raining a bit lately, but more couldn't hurt--
: Change gets some water from the rainbarrel and pours it on the dirt by the sapling, waiting to see if it'll soak it up
: Change adds more until it starts to soak it up slower, then stops
Change: *stretches* looks pretty good for now. *sits down on a rock* (formatting fail!)[/spoiler]

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Day 248 Year 10



: JadenDew begins the day's work on Change's plot of growing pomegranates plants, pulling out weeds that have sneakily invaded

: JadenDew tosses the pulled out weeds into a neat pile
: JadenDew spread grassan ferement at the base of each plant, cringing as she does it
: JadenDew sprinkles the plants with collected rainwater


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(I'm just going to assume that there was lots of rain this month ;))
Day 279 Year 10

[spoiler]Change: *yawns sleepily and walks up to the small pomegranate tree.* Hmm... almost as tall as I am.
Change: *feels the ground and studies the bark* ... doesn't look that dry actually. Guess there was some rain this month. And looks like it's almost big enough to take care of itself.
Change: *chews on her lip* Buut a bit more water couldn't hurt.
: Change yawns again and gets some water from the rainbarrel and waters the tree with a bucket
Change: There we go... *she says as she sets the bucket on the ground and walks off*[/spoiler]

Edited by Change
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(Been awhile but I haven't forgotten! >_<)

Day 323 Year 10


JadenDew: Hmhm they grew abit..
: JadenDew puts on some gloves and starts to spread some grassan ferment fertiliser at the base of each plant
: JadenDew cringes as she does it
JadenDew: You'd better bear fruit soon~ I'm hungry!
: JadenDew scopes a bucket of water out of the rainwater barrel to wash her gloved hands in
: JadenDew then toss the water at the plants
: JadenDew goes to scoop up another bucket and waters the plants
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