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Though it's possibly "illegal" to bump a thread, I'm still looking:


At least 1 more BP, prices ranging between 5-15 SC, negotiable based on age, etc etc and based on the seller's negotiation skills.

Still looking for a rusty - the cheaper the better.  Purchased

Still looking to buy Angiens.

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I'm interested in purchasing an aged Rustgold Drachorn, and I would also want it to have been transferred at least 1 time before.

It should have enough age to be maxed after being transferred. Tokens are appreciated, but not needed.

PM me (with age, number of transfers + trade value and tokens, if any).



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WTS 2x SharpTear Archer - Bids start at 5 SC + 1SC/token. Negotiable in private.

Maybe WTS 3x Pimped Grasans - Bids start at...  whatever. 5 SC? Will decide whether to sell them if there actually is interest in them at all, if not down the Eternal Toiler they will go.


Bidding follows the same rules as before: minimum 48 hours, and then 24 hours after the last valid bid, whichever is longer. Only interested in coins.


Archer 1 - Blackshade

ID: 832050

Heat: 620732

Age: 296

Tokens: [blooddrop1][firedrop][blackdiamonds][stardust][darkshield][onyxfangs][claw3][goldbelt][goldtear]


Archer 2  - Blackshade

ID: 832051

Heat: 1112920

Age: 296

Tokens: [blooddrop1][blackdiamonds][stardust] [darkshield][osirisbelt][claw2]


Pimp 1

ID: 846186

Heat: 787547

Age: 4

Tokens: [blackdiamonds]


Pimp 2 - 5 SC (yokin) - Resolved

ID: 846187

Heat: 806429

Age: 4



Pimp 3 - Blackshade

ID: 846188

Heat: 787547

Age: 4



Payment received from Blackshade. Remaining pimp to be sacced.

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10th Anniversary Aramor (totem) - ID: 832946 - Ledah (6GC)

  • Fairly tokened
  • enough heat/wins/age to be maxed once de-totemized.

6th Anniversary Aramor (totem) - ID: 195290 - MRF (60SC)

  • Fairly tokened
  • enough heat/wins/age to be maxed once de-totemized.
  • comes with a slightly silly request.

Minimum price is 3GC (each).
Auction runs for a minimum of 1 week, and afterwards ends 24hrs after the last bid. Anonymous bids allowed, if you PM them to me.

Depending on interest, I reserve the right to give a 'buyout' option for really amazing offers (if I get any).


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