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Do you mean the looks of Pimped Grasans? Or coloured creatures in general? As the word "pimp" just means to make something more impressive for show - so all coloured creatures are Pimped (Just without the added name.)


Edit: Also, this purely comes down to personal taste;  You may dislike the looks of a "pimped" creature whilst another might really like them. This is why multiple rewards will be available - to try and satisfy as many as possible. :)


Which is why i said i wished to voice my opinion.

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Rare crits. The rest can be found in the wish shop. And I don't want to see the "tickets" as an alternative of the wish shop.

I awarded everyone with over 400 spent credits, a ticket for each 200 credits increment. This ended up to be a very large number of tickets, but many of them are on accounts long gone.   I would li

If "pimped" = nicely coloured, like BP, RW, SS, etc, then YES! If "pimped" = fashion crime, fugly, ew-wth Pimped Grasan then No pls, have mercy on my retinas.


I wasn't denying your opinion, I was asking for clarity on it.


Do you dislike all coloured creatures or just the Pimped Grasan style?

I dislike all variations of existing for the sake of having a new creature or anniversary creature I.e. anni aramours. Of course I also hate the pimped form which makes the creature look like crap. 

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Personally, I feel that if a whole new creature should be released it should be released publicly, not just for those with those with spenders tickets. Which is why it's nice to think the Spenders Tickets could be used to just 'modify' or 'personalise' an already existing creature.


Everyone has different opinions I guess. What works for A won't necessarily work for B, and vice versa


Hopefully the rewards will encompass as many opinions as possible. :).

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So that same creature obtained by that player can't be given as quest reward by them?



Because donators aren't part of the group that comes with that issue, they don't have this problem because they are donors. That's why I talk only about voting. Moreover this wasn't just about creatures from THIS shop but about this types of creatures in general. I don't have anything against unreleased creats to show up in there, but creature such as anniversary is bad thing in my opinion.



This shows you either didn't fully read my post or didn't properly try to understand my point of view.



I explained, but you don't seem to care.



That's insulting. I want to collect creats and be a fighter, yet I only have 16 slots. I want to have each level of each creature too, but where the heck do I put them? Sorry that I ain't lucky as you to be able to spend money on game, but what ever.


Not lucky? How about patience & dedication? If you use the voting system you will be able to get the needed credits.


What about trading? People do trade items or other things for credits, so you can compete in quests, win stuff and trade them for credits.


To clarify I try to give you an example how your words sound to me. I (Menhir) do no quests, never have and probably will not in the future, not my thing I can say. What does this mean to me and my gameplay in MD? I will get not many WP`s (some for achievements) and so a big part of MD is not open for me because of MY decision! Should I start complain now and demand that something should change or others should not have because I don´t have? I don´t think so.


I have the choice to leave MD because it´s not fitting to my needs or adjust if I like to stay. Love it or leave it!

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it pointless to discuss details abotu what sor tof crit it will be or how it will be and so on. I will see there on the spot what it will be.

If i do too many plans ahead they will end up forgotten, its better i just know the direction i want this to go, then when i will be working on it i will make it in the way i will consider it fits best. And as Menhir so nicely said "Love it or leave it!"

also, Please open the isse about the slots in an other topic if you believe this to be a major issue in md gameplay right now. thanks.

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