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Missing rewards, remind me here

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Over the time i promised lots of stuff to lots of people. I am a man of my word and eventually all rewards and gifts will be granted as promised. Please remind me here of any reward that i missed to give in more than two month

There might be ancient contests that i forgot to reward, sponsoring, etc.



This does not include feature requests, i am strictly talking about giving stuff i have access to, not about developing md "faster"



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Volition Experiment step 2:
Experiment step 2:
First person to reach 1000 volition will get a Drach.
First person to reach 500 volition will get 3 Gold.

Posted 13 November 2013 - 12:04 PM by darkraptor

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:) maybe there should be a topic where the all the quests & rewards to be kept. (we have the archivists, don't we).

That way it can be marked when a reward has been given and also there is a clear track of what kind of rewards were ever given.


No! We don't exist! It's all lies!  :ph34r:


On a more serious note; if people are interested in this I can do my best to make it happen.

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long live bureaucracy...


you can do it if you feel necessary. So far, (I am speaking about TK rewards), the only thing I ask for is that a questmaker reminds me to deliver rewards after the quest is over. In my oppinion in worked quite well. At least nobody complained that rewards delivery took too long.


Honestly, I think the only person this list would be helpful to is Mur, because he is sponsoring a lot and tends to forget sometimes. I think it is very odd if individual questmakers forget about the rewards they promised, because I do not think we have people who are running that many quests. Those rare occasions could be solved by poking a questmaker, unless he went inactive. But if he did this list also won't help to solve the issue.

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