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Gaining Spells from Nowhere

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I have recently gained 3 spells, spellwords included, from nowhere. As in, I have no memory of being sent into illusions, using spellstones, spending WP or any normal ways of obtaining these spells.


The 3 spells are:

Spellwords: Guard the Master (Casts: 5)


Spellwords: No armor will help (Casts: 15)


Spellwords: Insane regeneration (Casts: 5)


I was told that these 3 are gained from illusions, but I have no memory of entering any illusion. Is it possible it was done to my character when I am idling or AFK? I am currently in no illusion mode, and the button on the magic page to illusions is greyed out and disable as always.

The spellwords written here came with the spells, I have never written them.

I never had chase_wodin or regneration spells before. Though I had learnt noarmor from spellstones before, the spellwords are not mine, and I believe they have long since been removed from my spell list or used up. 15 casts are too many for me to have learnt them from stones too.

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To be clear, those spell words also appear to be the ones associated with illusions.


Didn't ask this before, can you try to put one of those on a spell stone please? If they're illusion ones, it should prevent you.


Ah thanks for clarifying the note about the spell words


Doesn't appears I can put them in stones. I get the message:

"#The thought of this spell belongs to an illusion. You do not master it so you can't store it in a stone. "


So.. I have illusion spells but I am not in illusion mode? This isn't normal.. isit?

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No, it's defo not normal. It's like you've entered multiple illusions that grant you those spells. But the spells should vanish the moment you exit illus.


Now, another question: if you enter the spells tab, do you see the middle section (right to the normal spells one) activated?

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By "spell tab", do you mean the magic page dst..? That is what I called it in my first post. Or do you mean something else?


But here's a screenshot, so we can be sure we are on the same page (quite literally XD):





Edited for missing punctuation..

Edited by JadenDew
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I can solve this!


I cast this spell upon myself, Jaden and Vicious Chaossword, I think, to see if it worked on others. It would seem the bug caused by it is this though!



:d Mystery solved! Sasha broke your account Jaden :D.


Yes, Jaden, you got what I meant. I was hoping you were still in an illusion and can break free from it.


Guess Chew needs to bring a bigger mop...

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