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I believe these are the scores as of 2218(Sasha's latest hour count), 1 day done (please correct me if I've worked them out incorrectly).

Aelis = 1+(12*0.25)-0.5 = 3.5

*Sasha Lilias* = 1+(7*0.25) = 2.75

AmberRune = 1-0.5+1-0.5+1+(1*0.25)-0.5 = 1.75

*Eagle Eye* = 1+(2*0.25)-0.5 = 1.0

Dark Demon = 0.5-0.5+1-0.5 = 0.5

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These are the scores for day 1 :P
The difference between Eagle and sasha appears because Eagle is on mobile, and wasn't able to screenshot the timer along with the transfer. Some of the transfer times are approximate, others I managed to catch in the logs and provide with exactitude, such as Eagle's transfer. :P
Edit: fixed sasha's approximate time

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Ok, there's a huge mess-up.


I saw Z's footprint and apparently he has a Gold Watch (broken) item. http://storenow.net/my/?f=3269ecd180330ffd9bb9a09d3625dc81


So I go to GoE and start talking to people about it, confused, thinking that sasha gave it to him. Then sasha suddenly wakes up and passes the apparently second Gold Watch (broken) to me.




1) I refuse to suffer and score more points, during a time when I was reporting a potential rule-breaking (i.e sasha giving the watch to Z)

2) The quest shouldn't have taken place with an item which already exists on another person


I request Asthir take the watch back and pause the quest, resuming it from an hour before I make this post, with a different item. (i.e 18:20 ST right now)


To clarify: sasha did not pass the gold watch to Z, it is a second gold watch and it caused confusion.

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And now, I withdraw from the quest.


DD is still in, and will be tagging people again.


The misunderstanding came from me, because I didn't announce there were more Golden Watches out there. That doesn't mean I won't know if it was passed to someone who isn't participating. (confirmation: the ID is indeed unique)

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Day 2 scores:


Aelis - 3.50
AmberRune - 2.50
Assira the Black - 0.00
blackshade rider - 0.00
Change - 0.00
Clock Master - 0.00
Dark Demon - 3.50
*Eagle Eye* - 0.75
Gljivoje - 0.50
*Grido* - 0.00
Kalamity - 0.00
Lintara - 3.00
Rophs - 0.00
*Sasha Lilias* - 8.75
*Sunfire* - 0.50




Now... remember this line?


- I might... interfere...


New (additional) rules incoming!


1. As of this moment (Jan 26th, 22:00 ST), for every consecutive 12 hours the Watch spends in the possession of one participant, the game is extended by 12 hours.


2. If by the time the competition is over any of the 15 players isn't tagged at least once, the game will continue until 22:00 ST the day after the last untagged participant is tagged.



This should keep you all hunting and avoid a certain unpleasant factor.



Once again, good luck! :P

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The game will be extended by 12 hours due to the picture above.


Sasha is unfortunately disqualified, and the Watch will go to Eagle as soon as possible, since he held it before Sasha.


Player list - alphabetical order - updated

01. Aelis
02. AmberRune
03. Assira the Black
04. blackshade rider
05. Change
06. Clock Master
07. Dark Demon
08. *Eagle Eye*
09. Gljivoje
10. *Grido*
11. Kalamity
12. Lintara
13. Rophs

*Sasha Lilias*
14. *Sunfire*

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The rules were laid out, however, seeing as how this was not intentional and might affect the rewards, I'll let you all vote on it.


I've been trying to locate the option to set up a poll but I can't find it anywhere, and I want to limit the votes to participants only anyway, so let's see those "yay"s or "nay"s.

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