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less powerful items, but with md flavor

Muratus del Mur

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Tried not to replicate anyone

ID: 251010


Small toothbrush - Useful for the cleaning of teeth; it looks used

Ceramic monkey - A small ceramic monkey without a tail

Laundry bag - Masks the smell of your dirty laundry

Shoe plant - A small plant resting in a shoe

White plume - Just needs a hat

Black plume - Just needs a hat

Green plume - Just needs a hat

Purple plume - Just needs a hat

Boring book - Zzz...

Tiny mittens - Too small for the average hands

Shrunken bed - Suitable for a pet rock

Used tape - A piece of tape with hair stuck to it

Plain lampshade - Just a lone lampshade, very plain in color

Red suspenders - Perfect for a mime or someone well-dressed

Bit of wallpaper - A bit of old and ornate wallpaper

Half a tambourine - Half the tambourine but twice the amount of fun!

Freckles - Apply directly to the preferred area

Creature Stencils - A collection of stencils, representing random MagicDuel creature

Cotton - Some cotton; do not swallow

Bad eraser - It isn't very good at its job

Good eraser - Now you see it, now you don't!

Fake sideburn - There's only one, but it's still sticky!

Bent guitar pick - Useless for guitar, but good for getting between the teeth

Broken string bracelet - No longer wearable, but kittens love it!

Dictionary (A-M) - It ends on "mystery"




I had to rewrite the stencil one, but most are quite good

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Small calendar - Numerous pages tied together containing information about each day of the year;


Pocket ashtray - For the traveling smoker who prefers to not leave traces;


Cigarette butt - Charred leftover of a cigarette probably dropped by a traveling smoker who didn't own a pocket ashtray;


"Soon" note -  A small note which states only one word: "Soon". Can be subtly passed to curious or demanding fellows;


Silent pencil - A pencil that apparently refuses to write silent letters. "the D is silent";


Enchanted lips - A small pair of stony lips. Legend has it that they whisper fake secrets to naive ears;


Hula hoop - A wide and light-weight circle placed around the waist and kept there through constant body rotation. Great for workout;


Constellation map - A piece of black paper with many star-shaped dots connected by white lines. 



not much, a couple are usable. the lips one is interesting

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Witch Doll - A doll of imagination to exercise of darkness.

Paint - A colorful combination of color.

Bamboo - A tall bamboo tree.

Banana - A taste pieces of banana.

Coffin - A old coffin made of wood.

Bubbles - A water bubble

Mummy - A legendary and a lost soul.

Ball - A air that can form a ball.



at the edge,but ok

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dream catcher: small dream catcher to hang in a window

stained glass ornament: if hung in the sunlight an array of color brightens any day

wind chime: makes a lot of racket in storms

birdhouse: small bird house... too small for the current bird population

dollhouse: great place to stash dolls

toy box: small box to hold trinkets

pocket watch: ticks softly to the end of your days.

half eaten sandwich: would be edible if someone had not tried to use grasan ferment as a dipping sauce

spicy pickle toy: great prank to play on someone if they are expecting the real dill

black shawl: nice addition to any clothing

blue shawl: nice addition to any clothing

red shawl: nice addition to any clothing

silver shawl: nice addition to any clothing

orange shawl: nice addition to any clothing

brown shawl: nice addition to any clothing

white shawl: nice addition to any clothing

yellow shawl: nice addition to any clothing

green shawl: nice addition to any clothing

pink shawl: nice addition to any clothing

gold shawl: nice addition to any clothing

fake nails: why anyone would want to use these to build anything is beyond me

table cloth: red and white checkered cloth

creature blanket: keeps your creatures warm in the cold weather

creature treats: just a reminder to your creatures how evil you can be since you can not actually feed them these.

welcome mat: you better wipe your feet off before entering

disappearing ink: you constantly try to write with it but never see a mark

creature collar: why not dress up your creatures.

Bookshell: is a shell in the shape of a book... or is it a book in the shape of a shell...

cardboard box: sadly someone left it out in the rain and it is soggy




using colors and repeat the item just based on that should be done only if they make sense as a group

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would be awesome to have artworks for all of these items but we are talking about hundreds of artworks ....even if done as sketches, it will be a lot of work.

Yes there will be a shuffle mechanism similar to avatars. ..and there will be two sections, i will divide items in two groups based on their ...beauty :)


The actual beauty of all this comes when you think of all the possible combinations and uses i can't anticipate for these items. Now i can exclude some items, but i relaise that many of them make perfect sense to be combined into new functional, customized, items...

Also because we will have so many, i can from time to time exclude some of them from the available items list so they remain unique to their holders, and replace them with new ones.

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Here are some more... though I have more than likely misspelled a few names. I will find their spelling and update it later.

I think I got most of the creatures, this was done by memory and by the creatures that I have.


elemental card:picture of an elemental on the card. The card is fade as if missing some life force

shade card: picture of a shade on the card. Abnormally dark card.

pope card: picture of a pope on the card. Light reflects off the card.

aramor card: picture of an aramor on the card. A corner is bent.

bird card: picture of a bird on the card. Egg shell dust resides on the card.

heritic archer card: picture of a hertitic archer on the card. Blood is smeared across the card.

angien card: picture of an angien on the card. Seems to radiate heat.

scout card: picture of a scout on the card. The top layer of the card is delicately peeling back.

toxicodenren card: picture of a toxicodenren on the card. Smells faintly of intoxicants.

remains card: picture of a remains on the card.

daimon card:picture of a daimon on the card. The card is soaking wet.

elu card:picture of an elu on the card. Something sticky coats the surface

joker card:picture of a joker on the card. Out of the corner of your eye the smiling joker frowns.



toy top: spins and spins this little wooden toy

apothecary box: used to store your poisons... er ... medicines.

single wax leaf: careful not to hold this green wax leaf for too long otherwise it will melt

wax skull: white skull made of wax

wax gear: gold colored gear made of wax. Has eight prongs.

wax hand: creepy wax hand

wax eyeball: eyeball made of wax... and you thought the other wax body parts were creepy

wax foot: foot made of wax

wax pen: a pen made of wax

wax pin: a small pin for a gear made of wax

clear glass eye: well someone lost an eyeball.

red glass eye: to give an eyeless being some red color to their eye.

blue glass eye: to give an eyeless being some blue color to their eye

yellow glass eye: to give an eyeless being some yellow color to their eye

wooden leg: a peg of wood to help you stand.

skull eyepatch: an eyepatch that can work for either eye. Has a skull picture on both sides.

rose eyepatch: an eyepatch that can work for either eye. Has a rose picture on both sides.

spear eyepatch: an eyepatch that can work for either eye. Has a spear picture on both sides.

Water drop eyepatch: an eyepatch that can work for either eye. Has a water drop picture on both sides.

Flame eyepatch: an eyepatch that can work for either eye. Has a flame picture on both sides.

Swirl eyepatch: an eyepatch that can work for either eye. Has a swirl picture on both sides.

Eye eyepatch: an eyepatch that can work for either eye. Has an eye picture on both sides.

Seed eyepatch: an eyepatch that can work for either eye. Has a seed picture on both sides.




i see some dangerous uses of the cards ..but lets see what happens :P

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Thank you everyone for your submissions, it will take some some to get all of this sorted and prepared. I am really impressed by the results. Please DO NOT EDIT your previous posts, unless you need to add your player id.................. ter this post i will remove any new entries. You are welcome to discuss what you think a good reward will be for those that submitted the most fit items..i could use some suggestions on that :)

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I reviewed all of your entries...pfew that was a lot of reading...

Everything will be doublecheced by the arhivists too

Please do not edit and do not post new ones


I started work on the interface and i'm waiting for seighheart to finish preparing them as i need them

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  • 2 weeks later...

soooo...the rewards for the people writing these awesome items are:




oh wait, first the stats:


[77300_Zleiphneir] => 257
[17096_dst] => 124
[141566_Assira the Black] => 121
[131999_*Nimrodel*] => 91
[249730_Asthir] => 83
[182140_Seigheart] => 31
[132384_Rikstar] => 30
[148016_*sasha lilias*] => 22
[186134_JadenDew] => 18
[241314_Dark Demon] => 16
[251010_Keep] => 16
[252664_Azrafar] => 13
[80963_Ailith] => 13
[104866_Intrigue] => 8
[248361_Lania] => 8
[1028_Muratus del Mur] => 7
[62639_Princ Rhaegar] => 5
[3860_Kamisha] => 5
[237382_Vicious Chaossword] => 3
[180715_*Eagle Eye*] => 3




Zleiphneir, dst, Assira the Black are first (counted by the number of items aproved plus blue items.)


They will receive each a customly named functional item, the functionality I will pick (otherwise everywan keeps asking kill and revive items and such), they will be whatever i pick the moment i will do the item. You can request a remane of the item once you will know what it is, to personalize it as you wish. They also receive 40 credits.



*Nimrodel*, Asthir, Seigheart, Rikstar come second, they will receive a non-functional personalized item. They also receive 20 credits.



*sasha lilias*, JadenDew, Dark Demon, Keep, Azrafar, Ailith, Intrigue, Lania, Princ Rhaegar, Kamisha, Vicious Chaossword, *Eagle Eye* will receive an equal number of credits to the number of items approved for each.



i decided to give credits for this one as a reward so you can use them to grab some of the items you like  (and probably wrote yourself), i think its fitted.


If you have any comments, complains, whatever, regarding the numbers or the rewards, please say so fast till i start dispatching the above.




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Those that should get a personalized item Please reply to the pm's i sent with the desired item name and descriptions. Be warned that outrageous items will not be granted please do not "try".

(*Nimrodel*, Asthir, Seigheart, Rikstar)


For the functional items for Zleiphneir, dst, Assira the Black, please pick a functionality from the follwoing (and also write your deisred item name and description)


(technical names, you figure out what each is)




jumptoitem (with fixed item target, any)







gatheringtool (pick resource type)


heatheal (not sure if its not experimental)




changelanguage (if you remember..)


cloak (negociable variations)




ok... there are probably more but these are enough, and most of them allow for incredible combinations and settings variations to make them pretty amazing.

so..AMAZE ME, write the most interesting item, its for you, i want it to sound really cool BUT NOT OVERPOWERED..the functionalityitself is power enough.

things like "ultimate sword of doom" and things like that, i hate...be creative..write an item that i would color blue :).. and most important , make it suit your role.


I will adjust reuse interval and other settings myself to balance the desaster it will cause :))


Take your time and try to find out what each of the above functionalities does, ..i guess they should be documented somewhere on the forum (legacy project? anyone on this?).. some features are not used anymore, some are responsible of many exsting items (gatheringtool is the script behind all gathering tools)



Have fun

Edited by Muratus del Mur
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Anyone that should receive an item reward please esnd me a pm with item name and description, your id, and if it is a functionl item reward, also the details about the functionality

I made several items so far and dispatched all the other rewards, not sure if anyone got left out or not


Thank you 

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