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  • 2 weeks later...

The application turnout hasn't been as great as i hoped. Maybe i'm not good enough to be a master after all...


The ones i got were rather impressive, though. I'm tempted to pit them all against each other in a knife fight for life and death, and take the one that's left at the end, but there must be a smarter way to handle this... And i have no intentions of letting them know who they are up against just yet, either.


For now, i'll just let them all think that they are my first choice, and see what happens from here...

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i thought its envy..but i see its not.

it does look as envy however...and i don't like even the faintest trace of envy..but i guess i have my issues too.



however..i am confused

your new years wish made perfect sense, yet it comes so late and i don't really know why it was needed to be as a wish, when you could have just claimed it a while back


you must know i am not always aware of whats going on in the realm, especially for the past several years.



dd's role was fully earned, and if a vet becomes angry on someone newer getting super powerful role ...i really don't care... i will give anyone what they deserve, new or old..but i can't give everyone ..its simply a matter of attention and time.

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I am a confusing person :P


Seriously though, i think it doesn't lead anywhere if you, Mur, try to understand how i think, we're too different for that. I rarely ever understand why you do the things you do, and it's likely the same the other way around... and i spent a lot more time trying to understand you than you can put to understanding me :))

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    • By Burns
      This is most likely the hardest bit for any player at all, but if you hold on to one of the bigger rewards the game has to offer, you need to be able to make enjoyable quests.
      That doesn't mean you need to do it all on your own. For example, i've teamed up with Nimrodel to produce her big story-driven quests, and before i got access to the charms, i regularly built quests in cooperation with others. Sometimes you run out of ideas an need to get creative input from somewhere, or you need people to play roles in your quests.
      Since this is the biggest, and most time-intensive part, i've picked this one to run in february, when most students should have a the biggest amount of time to spare, and the least amount of exams coming closer. It's going to run for 6 weeks, which means it's well into the time when i'll have the hardest time to be around and help you, but i'm fairly sure i can work that out :)
      Your task is to fashion a quest that you would consider worth a drachorn charm. You need to make a design, you need to figure out how it could work, and you need to have everything ready to execute it, too. If it requires coded clickies, make sure to have everything in order so it can start on short notice, if it requires people to work during the quest, plan for the execution during march.
      I'll be reachable via forum PM to help you along whenever you need it, but i won't do the clickies for anybody. My job is to help you do it yourself, not to do it for you. If you require me to play a small part in your quest, however, i'll behave like any other player, which also means i might deny helping you out if i'm not happy with the role you want to give me.
      This is a huge task, don't underestimate it. The bad part is, if you think about it all the time, you'll narrow down into a tunnel and be unable to fulfil the creative elements a quest needs.
      I want all participants to be ready to execute their quests by March 15th. The only reason i can't let you run them as you like is because i don't want to flood MD with 3-5 different quests in the second week of March, if some of you are finished before that time, we can start doing them earlier, otherwise we'll look for a scheduling that befits your other obligations.
      And make sure to keep me in the loop of the things you're doing. I don't want to hear about every single idea you're bouncing around, but when you're confident that you found a good design, that'd be a good time to PM me. I'm here to help you, not just to judge you. :)
      Happy quest-making!
    • By Burns
      Even the most creative minds can get stuck when their ideas can't be integrated. Thus, a proper Drachorn Guy also needs to be able to effectively convince other people that their ideas are great, so they'll be implemented.
      This isn't limited to huge things, though. Sometimes you just need somebody to help you with a particular html thingy that you're not capable of doing on your own (Thanks, Chewie!), at other times you need access to certain spells that you don't have on your own (Thanks, dst and Grido!), or to places you can't reach on your own (Thanks, Azull!). All those things are easy to do when you're on good terms with someone, and not so easy to do when you're not.
      For this part, we'll pretend you need something from somebody you rarely ever talk to. In fact, from 3 somebodys you rarely ever talk to, because that thing you wanna do takes a whole lot of effort.
      Pretend that you're planning a very big quest, with puzzles, racing, and hunting pink mice. The whole package.
      Person A has access to a certain place in land N, which you don't. You still want your treasure hunt to go through there, though, so you'll have to convince him to either:
      -work for you, and stand in that place himself, or
      -let you into that place, which he greatly dislikes because you don't belong to his sacred ground.
      Person C has vast knowledge of HTML, which you don't. You want your quest to use picture-puzzle in a clickable, but you don't know how to set up any of that, so you'll have to convince him to either:
      -do it for you, or
      -show you how to figure out how to do it yourself.
      Person M is the only one who can do concept changes to MD (i'm pretty good at hiding whom i talk about, right?). For your whole quest to work out, you need to have the power to turn drachorn into wind dragons, so you have to convince M to:
      -give you that power, or
      -give you any form of temporary access to that power.
      You don't talk to any of them on a regular basis. Person A is known to respond to roleplay and the exchange of favors, Person C is analytic and helps when the cost-benefit calculation works out, and Person M responds best to solid game-related reasoning.
      You only get one shot with all of them, so make sure to give it your very best.
      Luckily you figured that out on time for your questing efforts, so you can take up to 2 weeks to figure out how to best approach them.
      Discussions with everybody you feel like discussing with are absolutely encouraged. A good drachorn guy doesn't need to do things all by himself, you can rely on your trusted friends and have them help you with such things.
      Send me 1 PM with your attempts to convince A, C and M (one attempt each) to help you out by January 30th.
      * Any resemblance of quest-characters to actual characters within the world of MD is purely intentional, but not to be taken seriously.
    • By Burns
      Since i'm not looking for a stableboy, but for an apprentice, i have to check their mental abilities before accepting them, obviously. For an easy start, not much more than a warm-up, i'll check their creativity.
      The aspiring young drachorn girls and guys would obviously need to be able to sell their work properly, not just do it well. And in MD, that means weaving a good story.
      What makes a good story, you ask? You really only need a few little things. One of them is an enthralling main character, for example a bald man with a hat and swords instead of fingernails always makes for a great start. The setting needs to be realistic enough for people to really believe in your story, too, and then you need some sidekicks, like a dragon that wants to be a drachorn, or a cute little lorerootian elf to fall in love with the hero. And of course a plot... werewolf-hunting works really well, but we've had that already, so don't try that.
      I expect you to create a fictional piece of story of yourself in reference to drachorns. It can be about your background, an adventure you survived, something that you're still working on, or a romantic story between you and a drachorn if you like. What matters is that it needs to be tied in with MD so well that a veteran would actually buy it. It needs to sound so reasonable, and fit with existing things in MD in such a manner as if it actually happened some day. If your story is not only about yourself and the drachorns, use existing characters to fill the roles. Use actual places and let things act in a reasonable way.
      Once again, i'll rate your stories all by myself, even though i'm not very good with literature. So don't bother doing masterpieces with rhymes and allegories and stuff, that won't get your a good rating. Instead work to make it interesting and enthralling, and make me believe that this could happen exactly in the way you described.
      For example, a story about a guy who gets fired off to the moon in a rocket and found a drachorn on the dark side of the moon before landing in Albion, from where he hacked his way through Hyrule and into Necrovion... not so great.
      A story about how you hunted a drachorn across the plains of No man's land and followed it into the mountains of Golemus, where you found the tiny men who invited you for tea... better, but not very creative.
      The more impressive your story is, the higher i'll reward you. And all of them must be posted in this thread, for a very simple reason: If two stories are similar, the older one (according to the forum timestamp) gets the better rating on originality.
      Oh, and get it done by Jan 14th. Editing is not allowed, and if you make a new post here, the old one will be invalidated as submission.
      Also, this is still a quest, too, not just a selection process. You don't need to have participated in the first step so you can get rewarded in this one, neither do you need to aspire to be my apprentice.
      Happy writing!
    • By Burns
      To all willing Drachorn Apprentices, and everyone else who enjoy mini-quests, here is the first task, one that always needs to be done before getting a job...
      Write your CV (= resume).
      However, unlike most employers, i hardly care for your birthday, the place you live, or your family status. What i want to hear about are your greatest achievements, from your own point of view. Impress me with your skills and accomplishments, and show me why YOU would be the best in these realms to handle the job of a Drachorn Apprentice.
      I will hand out rewards solely based on my whims, because i can. They won't be big, because this is a very simple 'quest', but if you want to get big rewards in the later stages of this quest-series, you'd still want to make a very good first impression.
      Due to the christmas celebrations that will start in the next few days, and because the people i'd want to employ will likely be busy with making a mini-quest, i'll give you a very long deadline for this extremely simple task: I will not accept entries past December 31st.
      Send them via PM, Forum PM, or post them here, i don't care how you do it as long as i get them.
      Remember, though: The presentation of a CV is almost as important as the contents!
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