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The Labyrinth 2 - Results


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This post is hidden because you have chosen to ignore posts by DARK DEMON. View it anyway?

For clarification, my below comments are devoid of DD knowledge, so iv no clue what he said.

lol, Demon, you have obviously problems with your memory. What I used was NOT the part of my submission, I clearly stated that.

If so, I apologise, he was telling me it was not valid, disqualified, etc.

Okay, fair enough explanation. I just think it would be better if you said at the beginning of quest what isn't allowed. I'm not familiar with the case, but I guess your current reasoning stands.

DD is still a very new player and didnt know what might possibly come up.


Furthermore, Its unrealistic to name bugs and cheats which Eara used, which are not allowed. Edited by Chewett
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DD sent me the full pm conversations for all quest submissions as well as the concept behind the quest.


My impression from viewing all entries, the three winning submissions are by far the most extensive and considered submissions:

3rd place - Azrafar. Submitted a satisfactory initial entry with a detailed response to both parts of the question, using his two remaining chances to refine his answer after being told that it was possible to improve it. The effort and creativity he used in his entry and the fact that it was a lot more extensive than the other submissions not awarded means that I fully agree with his receiving an award.

2nd place - AmberRune. Exceptional description of the physical part of the quest, though lacking in the symbolic aspect. If the symbolic aspect had been more extensive she most probably would have had an almost perfect score.

1st place - Asthir. Outstanding entry.. absolutely outstanding. Had both aspects of the question laid out perfectly in his first submission, simply missing a co ordinate. Used his other two chances to improve on an answer that was already reward worthy. Impressive.



Was there any evidence of exact clues or spoonfeeding?




Was any submission rewarded that was inferior to any of the non rewarded submissions?




I agree with all proposed rewards.


I believe DD and the participants did a fine job with this mini quest. I look forward to seeing more extensive quests from DD.



Edit: typo

Edited by Guest
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Rewards will be distributed by Mur, but just in case if you are accidentally forgotten, please inform me asap. Thank you all again! It was a very interesting and enlightening experience for me, and hopefully for all of you too :)


Were the rewards distributed to others? I did't get my gold coin yet. I am not in a hurry, just checking back, so it won't be forgotten.

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Were the rewards distributed to others? I did't get my gold coin yet. I am not in a hurry, just checking back, so it won't be forgotten.


I haven't forgotten either :)


I've been reminding Mur; you will get them soon. But it will probably be delayed unless you wanna come visit the graveyard :P

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