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Compiling a list of "people I like"

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Active: Several hours every day.   Role: King of Necrovion   Activity: If you don't know what I do, you're not supposed to know.

Active daily. Avatar Manager. Managing uploaded avatars, goldening, drawing avatar and item artworks, helping others with their art. Far from my full potential meaning that i am willing to take

Activity: I get on every hour or so to see if anything worth my time is going, then idle again.   Role: Contract Killer and nearly official Ruler of the East

Activity: Usually glance at the forums at least once a day. I'm sure most realize that people have roles outside of MD, but I'll list mine anyways.


Roles in MD:

  • Moderator

Roles outside of MD (in order of work demanded):

  • Student
  • Playtester (of another game)
  • Newbie helper (same game--it's basically a LHO)

I can only realistically fulfill four mandatory roles at once. Once summer comes around, I'll hopefully have graduated and freed up a role, but until then, I'm booked.

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i log in every day but it depends on RL how long. When i'm busy (which was the case these past few weeks but hopefully will change soon) i only stay for a couple of minutes otherwise i walk around the land for a few hours a day. I don't have an official role yet, i have done a quest or two and have ideas for a few more but haven't had the time to finish them yet.

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I log in daily, and try to be active one way or another at least a few days a week. Sadly due to other obligations I have failed this several times the past few months, but even if far away, I'm always here.


As for my role I'm a Caretaker and do some miscellaneous stuff (working on a quest, among other things.)

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Activity: - Mostly a ghost. I log in to hang out with Bob and the bobbers who happen to be there now and again.


Role: - Knight of Slumber / Guardian of Bob - as in I sleep a lot, but I also look after my favorite tree bro. The people who would ever need me awake know how to get hold of me.




ed - and what Ailith said. Just posting as Chew requested a list.

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Activity: Until recently, I was quite active daily within Loreroot.  I'll not bore you with details on the happenings of my reality that have exploded yet again >.<


Role:  Presently I am a Loreroot Consul.


I work mainly with the people of Loreroot in all internal matters of Loreroot from planning activities, handling governmental details and external matters for Loreroot involving the other land kings.


Others have referred to me as the heart of Loreroot.

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- Forums: daily, at least twice a day,

- Game: near daily, activity across the day dependent upon personal availability and the ongoing events.


Role: Archivist. If that seems awfully vague, that is because it is so, and I have no current role. I am bidding my time in settling for something definitive, though not for the lack of having something in mind.


Interests and activities: a few, though there is no particular focus on any given activity yet.

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I'm active almost daily. 


Activity: socializing from time to time, rp-ing. 


I have no role, but am not looking for one either, for now. Times are chaotic and I don't want some responsibility that I wouldn't be able to look after. 

So yeah..I don't know why I'm posting, really, but here it is. 

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Activity: daily for several hours ... 7 days a week ...


I gather water, herbs & memorystones ... of course fenths and rainwater if available

I do train my creatures ... some days like there is no tomorrow but often I have no time for it

I do like intense talks if I´m in the mood with a backpack full of time ...


Role: Garden keeper

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Assira the Black



Leads the ones she has tainted (things has calmed down)



Has held some events- performed a dance and has held a Deception talk.

Participates in quests

(Normally on at evenings my time during weekdays and on most of the day on weekends)



StrongWilled Legna


Child of Time

(Not on as often as Assira, maybe once a week or more depending on mood but can go through periods of weeks with no activity)

Plays pranks

help with a few events

Guardian of happiness :D

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Hello Im Eagle Eye


Active: All the time (except calamity and black out) practicing to be a artist :D  and creating quest




Loreroot Judge


The judicial branch of the Lorerootian government should ideally consist of members of Loreroot with significant age and experience in the realm, both in terms of the wisdom of Loreroot, i.e. what it means to be Lorerootian, and in terms of canonical lore and relations between the lands. The Council necessarily plays an advisory role to the Assembly: its members are neither above nor below the Assembly, but should know how to guide in a balanced, appropriate manner. As Council Judges, persons are sought possessing the wisdom and temperament to focus strong-willed Lorerootians on law and policymaking in an effective and fair direction. A Judge of the Council should work first and foremost for the advancement and health of Loreroot, and should embody what it means to be Lorerootian.


Silvan Watch


The purpose of the Silvan Watch is that it will be the eyes and ears of the land, will keep it united, will train for it, and most importantly: increase activity within it. Therefore, a member will have  responsibilities such as resource management,, training, guiding (or touring) and helping newcomers into Loreroot and into the realm, etc. Another thing which should be done is maintaining order, i.e. reporting a Lorerootian if s/he has done something wrong, or supporting and standing up for him/her if right.


Protector (MP6)


Helping to the call of newbies, guide, mentor him and give a blessing and aid my Worshipers and Adepts

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My activity is current, and has been for some time now, daily throughout the day.


About the role, I have no specific one, since I'm still a, let's say, young soul around this Realm. I have my own entity's role and story that'll soon be published in my papers (when I edit it some more), and it's tightly interconnected with everything I'm a part of at this present moment.

Currently, I'm usually gathering the precious liquid of water (and other resources) as a part of dowsers, for the masses (when resource sharing becomes more organized) and as a part of my role and need as a saprophytic organism for material decomposition of various waste by-products of other living organisms and decaying dead rotting matter through the help of dissolving water ability for its disintegration through my intestine to simpler compounds and elements that are easily absorbed by others for new cycle of sprouting life. With it is also connected mental cleansing as material, as views of rebirth, which is connected with the land of Marind Bell. 

I cannot help than see all from wider specter as an interconnected living organism of our summed actions, and with that I build my story out of every action I made in MD, without contradictions, as one must find his place to evolve it further and be good at it. Just personal individual philosophy.


In the game I enjoy plenty. Roleplaying is important foundation, researching about this Realm as we also find more about ourselves as we're part of it, gathering resources for various reasons, helping new players excites me, but currently in borders I can with my current knowing, and as a part of my role through rebirth philosophy and land. Dueling and evolving my bounded creatures is also emphasised, as joyful activity interconnected with the balance of the Realm in this way.

All an all, I enjoy in much and widening my role and influence as I grow older and more aware of the Realm and people in it, trying to observe till I got something worthy to show, 'cause I tend not to bite that what I cannot chew on, and I really enjoy the saying on roles that you begun to be that what you already are in a way.

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Active daily, for at least an hour, usually between 18 and 23 ST, though the length of active time mostly depends on how much Uni work I've got, if I have dance lessons afterwards (those are on Mondays and Wednesdays, so I'm around MD after 20ST on those days), how tired am I and if I feel like playing MD. If online, I'm usually active (though there are times when I idle).
While active, I usually socialize, rp, hang out with Dark Demon or just run around the forest lowering the viscosity and sometimes train. It mostly depends on what I feel like doing. ^_^
Role: no actual character role (used to be a Skald of Bob because I'd sing (meow)  to Bob and talk to him a lot when I was a new bee but i left that role when i realized that i started being around Loreroot far more than Bob  :mellow: ), Silvan Watch, Guardian of the Root (trainee).
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