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cool down for spells

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(personal) spells can be used as you think fit when i said that i had in mind that if someone goes crazy and uses them just to harm others randomly and disrupt creative activities, others, with other

I never asked for this, Eara.   I wanted and still want what Chew said ---> same treatment as all other questmakers; same safeguarding as all other questmakers, and a proper "punishment" (I'm bei

Finally, this is THE point. Power comes with responsibilities.     There is a greater good here, greater than dst, Eon, DD, Mur or anybody involved in this: MD as a realm.   While a villain may b

Maybe a way for a group to be identified as a group and have a challenge score to match hostile spell powers against them?

I dont know how this could be worked as, but the closest thing that comes to mind are tags such as BoL. Ofc, such tags need to be obtained by a member and then the summoner moves everyone with the tag to his/her location...  What if you create automatic groups (called alpha or beta or Quester Group or Shade Army etc etc) in which anyone who fightsfor_X gets into? You would need a couple of those, as there could be more than one groups at a time.

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Spell cooldown might work, but it can be countered by multiple casters, so I'm inclined to think it won't work.


Idea: When a player casts a teleport spell with a group array (that is to say, a spell that Has targeted multiple players, not simply one that Can target multiple players), the caster be teleported to the target location as well and movelocked and attack locked for 2(X) minutes, where X is the number of players teleported including themselves. If a target defeats the caster with fight cause [resistteleport], they are returned to their original location with AP reduced to 0 (to prevent intentional whiplash teleportation abuse).


I don't understand the last part: "intentional whiplash teleportation abuse"


All in all, I like the general idea. Though there are means by which the resist can be easily achieved, such as the Mirror spell - unless the spell can't work in combination with a cause. (I don't know if that's the case or not)

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What I mean there is for example, someone teleporting a group to the herb basket collection point, they grab baskets then attack the caster, who has prepared a super weak defence, and then mass teleport all over the realm ready to deplete resources.


Whiplash teleportation - teleporting twice for the price of one spell.


I mean, now that I've said it it will almost definetly happen. The point is to punish that sort of behaviour. Sides, you can already do stuff like I gave in that example, all it takes is one person to go to the collection point and sent ITC's. This just also means players can't move easily for a long period of time, coupled with Viscosity you might be able to go one location every 10 minutes if you try and do this, instead of the already existing distribution method which leaves you with full mobility - enough to get halfway through any land in the real aside from LotE before you have to wait for regen.

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