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Auras/Bonuses (Creature Boost, Skill Drain, Vitality Drain, Freeze & Antifreeze) & Tokens: Availability, Order & Opportunity Value

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insufficient data, you're just guessing around. First thing, you need to divide his raw stat by 6, skillvamp goes slot by slot, not spread over all. It's just summarized in the report for sake of sim

Disclaimer: I have not, in any way or fashion, checked the veracity of the data below, it being taken directly from http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15492-combat-talk/. Should you find any fact

Basically SW does drain and does low boost, TS doesn't do drain at all, only boost and that boost is much higher than SW boost, also since stats aren't drained from enemy, every subsequent TS aura wil

from memory


1sw, 1 imp, 3 sharp, 1 lr archer.

against eon's

2 rein, 3 anni imps, 1aramor


both at 100% I killed his rit.


lr archer did 3M damage, my other crits did around 130k damage.

seems it stole quite a bit of stats which in turn got boosted.


only thing I don't know if eons boosted aramor stats get stolen too.

if so, a boosted crit can actually work against you against a sw/ts in defence


edited:changed imp to aramor.

thank you for the pointing out the mistake eon.

Edited by Tal
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made some edits to my prior post.



if you provide the crits with different amount of initiative boosting tokens.

so to make sure my sw/ts is a bit faster then some of the boosting crits, and some of the boosting crits are faster then the sw/ts

I can test it.

otherwise, slim chance of me testing it out.

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well it would be enough if you could make sure that the first time sw/ts aura goes first and the second time it goes last. if the difference in the amount of stats you steal is really big then it means that boosts increase creature stats imediately and thus make skillvampire steal much less (this is what would make sense to me, but things don't allways work like i would suspect). if it is true it means you have to give special attention to the order of auras when you try to use skillwamp in combination with boosts.

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If the TS' boost is solely based on the absolute difference between the relevant stats in the appropriate slots, the effect should decrease with each boost, as the gap diminishes, making it so that TS cannot ever bring your stats above your opponent's. As they are irreconcilable, which of the aforementioned and the quoted are true?


There you have it black on white.


[spoiler]Tormented Soul: skillvampire
skillvampire boosts allied creatures by 45.5 attack;28.25 defence;16.5 initiative;16 regeneration;40.5 energeticimmun;18 tradesense;28.5 briskness;28 power;16.5 luck;1.5 herbalism;3 waterhandling;-28.5 volition;
Tormented Soul: skillvampire
skillvampire boosts allied creatures by 34.75 attack;21.75 defence;13.25 initiative;12.5 regeneration;31.5 energeticimmun;13.5 tradesense;22.5 briskness;21 power;13.5 luck;1.5 herbalism;3 waterhandling;-21 volition;[/spoiler]

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Skill Drain: whether the TS or the SW variants, it is only circumstantially useful if your ritual's attack template (target and ability) have some advantage over your opponent's. In most real situations, that means having an overall inferior ritual with some measure of chance of defeating your opponent's, based on your creature's comparative VE and which creatures are frozen, as well as in what order.


Vitality Drain: the same as Skill Drain on the account of VE and Freezing. According to Burn's, furthermore, Vitality Drain is unable to make a meaningful difference against a properly arranged angien ritual. More useful in short (alliance) fights than otherwise.


Creature Boosts: could be potentially readjusted, though, again, from Tal's tests, the numbers seem to be relatively in tandem. The more valuable creatures are not properly superior in damage, but rather, superior in having other special abilities, or allowing for more slots to be occupied with those creatures that have the aforementioned abilities. Applies after tokens. Information on order relative to other auras pending.


Aura order: pending information on order for multiple auras coming from a single creature. Otherwise, it is believed the creatures trigger their auras in the order of their ID, with the older ones doing so first.


Token order: pending information on internal order. Otherwise, they take place before auras.


Initiative order: as per the creatures' respective initiative values, unless the values are tied. In that scenario, they act based on their ID, with the oldest creatures acting first.


Antifreeze & Blooddrop2 tokens: allegedly currently non-functional, as they apply before Freezing takes place. If Freezing remain as they are, were they functional, they'd radically alter combat in favor of tokens.


Please, check the veracity of the above statements, bringing up new information where relevant. If it would incur into a spoiler, merely note the relevant information is imprecise, and that to explain why so would be a spoiler.


Of note to this thread: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7142-combat-balance/ (read the entire thread, not just the opening post).


On the account of Freezing, which, it has been demonstrated, impacts all of the above, refer to: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15763-reducing-the-power-of-freezes/.


All opening posts have been updated.

Edited by Azthor
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Vitality Drain: the same as Skill Drain on the account of VE and Freezing. According to Burn's, furthermore, Vitality Drain is unable to make a meaningful difference against a properly arranged angien ritual. More useful in short (alliance) fights than otherwise.


I think this is fine as it is, even if it can't make "meaningful" difference, this aura has it's value elsewhere. Mainly in heat dropping as well as controlling your balance.


On the side note about tokens, I've noticed a few more tokens doing something "additional" than what they are described to do.

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