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Creature Ability Regen Bug

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ok, one last post.
As you read through this there are two oppositional issues, correct me if there is something wrong

1) mp5 players want to be able to lower their xp under certain conditions (btw: no one denied this, put your knives back, please ;-))
2) mpx players (x<5) do not want to lose creature xp in fights

Maybe if you look at the whole thing this way, you can think about a solution acceptable to every player.
I would like to make some final suggestions to solve this, just brainstorming.

A Make regeneration work 'normal' (without inflicting xp loss) on lower mp levels, but leave it as it is on mp5 /. for the group of players that need xp loss there
B Make regeneration work 'normal' on all mp levels and give mp5 additional feature to lower xp
e.g. some xp leeching creature, or an xp leeching spell available at mp5

I think there are further possibilities, too.

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there have been suggestions about leech spells, but that would give us the same picture as deleting the cap once and for all, because you could just go to the leech-master and ask for another reset...

i think it is not possible to make one attack work different for different mps...and if you make a new critter only mp5 can get, most players would be really pissed because SOME always manage to get all the creatures they want on mp3...i think i have even seen a lvl 4 drachorn on mp3 once O_o

plus, to tell the truth, there are only about 5 players with (more than one!!) fullgrown trees on mp4, and none on mp3 because they consume too many xp for max lvl anyway, and the player xp bug was cleansed for all mp lower than 5, so you run on a veeery low risk of losing all your precious xp^^

i know it's annyoing, even for veterans when they are trying to train one creature, but it's all we have atm...

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