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Team Green's Puzzle - Decipher the Drawings

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Let me make this clear:


Everyone can do ANYTHING they want with their papers

You can post them here, if you want, you can ask 5 drachs and 25 angiens if you want, one silver, Land Items, you can even use them as toilet paper if you wish to do so.


Social interaction is part of the quest, deal with it.

If the owner of page X doesn't want to give you, maybe Y got it from X, and you can get it from Y? 

If Y doesn't want to give it, maybe Z has it? Ask Z!

And if non of the nearly 20 participants want to give you any page, then you got bigger problems than not being able to finish this quest.


Also: use personal messages or the Trade forums if you want to trade, this is the quest thread and not a marketplace

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The quest has been solved.


1st   -    AmberRune         3 stones and a WishPoint

2nd  -   Eara Meraia         2 stones

3rd   -   Dark Demon        1 stone


I didn't expect everyone to answer at once - these are the result according to the time-stamps of the PM's sent to me. 


Hiria and Change get to choose 1 leftover stone because they were the only ones explaining the roman numerals in the timespan that all 3 places were filled.


AmberRune, post here which stones you want and find me in game.

When Amber has chosen (posted here), Eara Meraia can choose stones.

Then Dark Demon can choose once Eara posted here.


Hiria and Change can choose once Dark Demon chose (in no particular order - first come first serve)



Links to all drawings:


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