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Quest: the reasons behind Mur's murder

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All right folks, one month passed and I think it's time for some explanations...


So, this is why I, lashtal, murdered Mur:




1. To fulfill the meaning/prophecy associated to my name 

from my signature: "[...] we get a value for LAShTAL of 371, which graphically represents the penetration of 7 (desire) into 31 (the negation of God) [...]"


2. To act against God, and in a relatively safe way 

I guess killing God in MD will have lesser consequences than killing God in RL, whatever this may mean


3. To experience divine punishment at least once in a lifetime (again, in a safer way  :P )


4. Because a testament needs death to be operative

When speaking of MD titles, Mur said:

"If a25 won't be ready this year these docs are last thing that remain from md, at least i'll make them worth remembering".

I must admit this scared me, it sounded like a testament. This was very hard to guess, but it's probably when the seed was planted.


5 - To see if a God-slayer medal can be crafted and awarded.

(Ary was the closest to this one!)




As you can see, you nearly guessed 4 of them.

In particular, I think this post by Azkhael was the closest.



Azthor, on 22 Sept 2014 - 11:03 AM, said:snapback.png


Lashtal killed Mur to fulfill the meaning/prophecy associated to his name 

Lash killed Mur to be an opposing force to a god (god slayer)

Lash killed Mur to break the limits

Lash killed Mur to create a new path

Lash killed Mur to bring balance

Lash killed Mur to further explore the meaning of his existence

Lash killed Mur to start a chain reaction

Lash killed Mur to distract from a different plot

Lash killed Mur to draw attention to Necrovion

Lash killed Mur to bring knowledge of a different principle




I've read all your posts carefully, even the weird ones, and I'm quite sure this is the best entry.

I will give however 3 more days for you to "protest": if you think your answer was better than Azkhael's and I may have missed/misread/misunderstood, please speak now.

Otherwise, Azkhael is getting the rich prize of this quest: my ever-hungry Wind Dragon! :))


Thank you all for your participation, it was fun seeing all those conspiracy theories sprouting from everywhere. Your imagination is wilder than mine!

Oh, and if you think my reasons were plain BS, be sure not to miss lashtal's stoning! Coming "soon"!

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