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Transposition in rhythm and sound

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Try not to bring up issues that is unlikely to happen 95% in this contest, it is already stated and resolved by the quest-maker herself and we will very much appreciate it if you just use your common sense instead of finding a hole in each and everyone's messages to forcefully inject your critiques Rophs.

I do hope this reaches the number required by Mur so that more people will be rewarded for their efforts.

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thank you for those volunteering to participate. BUT this is very important announcement for me personally:


please do sign up for the quest ONLY if you really want to participate, NOT to reach the number of participants.


WHY? If you register and be a part of a draw, but NOT submit your entry, this will mess up all results and somebody will get no song!!! So, if you are NOT going to submit anything or if you are going to find ANY song, without giving it a proper thought, please, ABSTAIN from registering. I want this quest to be FUN for everyone in the first row and not a reward hunting.


I will be happy if we get over 20, but those people should really be interested in the quest, otherwise it makes no sense at all. Thank you for your understanding.


NOTE: not knowing the person is a part of a challenge. It is clear that you might get somebody who you don't know well. The art of winning this challenge includes gathering of information or even (as an example) secretly approaching a person to get to know more. MD is about communication and information and most of you are very skilled in it.

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all participants received their tasks. I am looking forward to see your answers! As I promised some final update for the reward list and..something else..


Updated final list of rewards:

Place 1: melodic charm, imperial aramor, 3 GC

Place 2: 2GC, imperial aramor, toadspeak stone, mirrorritual stone, teleportpapercabin stone

Place 3: 1 GC, toadspeakstone, mirroritual stone


ATTENTION: players who get to places 2 – 4 have a chance to win the second melodic charm!


For that they will have to participate in the second round of the challenge with a quite difficult task to fulfill (which will be the same task for each of them and the same kind of task they had in the first round. The exact details about the second round challenge will be announced after the first round results are published).  If somebody of those who got rank 2-4 refuses to participate in the second round, the player of the rank 5 will have a chance to do so.

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first of all - thanks a lot to everyone for submitting their songs in time and also apologies for a little delay on my side.


Each of you (participants) got a forum pm from me now with a song about your character. Please judge it carefully according to the instructions in the pm and send me the results as soon as possible. The faster we get the result - the faster we can publish them on forum and distribute rewards.


2 players failed to submit the song, so some of you unfortunatelly will not get anything to judge. Sorry for that.

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