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MD Titles (Discussion of Title Granting Authorities)


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In short organizers(bfh, nimmy), mods(dst,grido,burns), devs(chew) and summonbytag would be the ones that fall under general category. I guess that special ally leaders and kings don't fall under those? But then again, the ones I mentioned earlier with those public functions are the ones listed to get such titles AND ability to give titles. Which would mean that the only tags that don't come with this title paper are default LHO tag, summon-by-tag groups and donors with default Supporter X tag.


I'm just curious of what falls under those generic tags and what is tied to titles. Because I'm wondering if it would be possible to make the difference between those two groups of tags visible ingame? Also current way of tags isn't that nice when person acquires 3 tags, for example when player has it's role tag, public function tag and summon-tag. This would mean if person earns 2 titles during his play or more, something you said is likely to happen and that it's encouraging for players to try to earn as much as possible, then it would be a problem how it would be displayed ingame.

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to keep long things short, several major changes are pending to the tags system and i called them multiple tags system. It will allow one player to switch between multiple tags he achieved and gain a score similar to hw land loyalty works. MD Titles and tags will go in parallel till these two will become slowly one and the same thing.

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I actually suggested that to Mur as pertaining to your title, but Mur responded "that's not really an achievement".  But I assume you got it for something, so perhaps you could remind him of that something?


It wasn't really that much, so I can understand that not going to be transitioned in. I just find it a pity that the flag system isn't being used as properly as it could be at the moment.

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