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Cat person or dog person?


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definitelly cats. why? because they are awesome and they RULE!


here is a picture of one of mine...in the process of rulling :D






Grandma used to have the same carpets on the walls :D With similar patterns :D.  And if I think better....even with similar cats O.o

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I have two cats and one puppy.


I am more of a dog person myself, as I feel you can do more with them.  My puppy is a real charmer, though.  I have had some great laughs with him, and some very big furstrations.  However... wouldn't give him up for the world.


Adopted him about three months ago.  Life has been grand with him in our lives.

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Grown up with both, so I love both. If I were to be forced to choose, I think dog would narrowly come out ahead, but I have met a lot of dogs I would not like. I grew up with some amazing labs, and they have always been the most dopy, fantastic, loving beings ever, so I admit my bias in that respect. 

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Ha! Topico-mancy ftw!

Found this little gem (yes, it's mine, I know, I should not call it a gem) while looking to post the Elu thingy. And what was I doing before that?

Searching for cat litter...although I still don't own a cat. So yes, I am hopeless...

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