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Im going to maintain a public list of those that want to help MD, and what they can/cant do.


Lots of people keep saying "Oh I want to help MD" but when I ask for people to come out and do work they disappear. Some of them have valid reasons and I am not complaining about this but it is frustrating when I then lose the people who previosuly say they will work and have to do it myself.


Post here if you want to help, including:



Interests in MD:

What you would like to work on now:

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Skills: number crunching, basics of html/css even a bit of javascript especially with help of google, basic organizational and analyzation skills, ..... can't think of anything else at the moment


Interests in MD: fun time :P

What you would like to work on now: depends what you got to offer


Edit: yes, my skills are pretty much useless >_>

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-I cannot code or draw in any way but apart from that can do anything else pretty much



Interests in MD:







What you would like to work on now:


-making the game more appealing

-increasing activity (doing stuff inside MD, not outside)

-helping newbies

-making quests

-correcting spelling mistakes



What I prefer:


-small but many jobs (in other words: "Here, please do this 5 min thing for me" when you find me awake)

-doing actual work instead of gathering info or making lists

-jobs just between me and the one who gives me the work



What I do not prefer:


-long term jobs involving many people

-jobs which require me to talk to people who may not even bother to reply

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Heya Chewett!


Skills: Some javascript and html5. I program for a living, but it is mainly in C/C++ with a tad bit of Java. 


Interests in MD: Interacting with others, trying o see what is most pressing, helping people out.


What you would like to work on now: I love doing little programming projects outside of work, so if I can help in some way there, I would love to. I can pick up anything I don't know quickly, and I have in the past, so toss me at some project that needs doing and I will do my best to..do it!

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Skills: I program some games in Unity in my free time. I'm mostly focused on procedural generation. Though I don't know if that's what we need for MD. I can program at least in c/c# and c++. I do have some experience with web based programming. Though it's only php and javascript and I haven't used it for a few months.
On the other part, I can also make music with various music applications. I don't really have work scattered around the internet. But I could be able to make some ambient sounds or just any special effect sounds that might be used on buttons.

Interests in MD: I'm interested in the mystery that's around MD. I want to explore new things and be amazed.

What you would like to work on now: I would like to work on doing research about balancing the resources, because the resources should be balanced and made to be more fun. Also I would like with helping to implement some of the features that No one suggested in an other thread, or just new cauldron items.
I would also really love to work on some soundscapes/ ambient stuff for scenes within MD. This would breathe more life in MD. And also remove some of those annoying sounds and replace them with better alternatives.

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Skills: opposite timezone, i can clone your artworks/drawing in different way

Interests in MD: Us a player addict of playing, to overcome my expecting dreaming of how beauty he is.  With a team work possible MD will Great and more excitement 

What you would like to work on now: Making quest, Helping the new comers and everything that can bring MD prosperous

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  • Translating documents, mainly literature and poetry,
  • Proof-reading,
  • Story telling,
  • Organisational skills, experience at using spreadsheets and databases to keep things tidy,
  • No coding, scripting or drawing skills,
  • Some limited experience in bug-testing.

Interests in MD: Roleplay and increase of activity within the realm.
What you would like to work on now: Spell-checking and other minor things where my skills can be of some use.

Minor drawback: On vacation till Monday 18/8.

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If you want to help out, but dont like what I ask you to do, PLEASE tell me and dont do it half heartedly. If I ask you to do something it is very important that I get it done as I asked you to do so. One such task recently has been performed half heartedly and I now need to do it all myself. This has delayed me since I now have to do it myself and I was waiting for the results that are not valid.

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skills> statistics, categorising, synthesis, analysis, organizing, ordering things, psychology, translating (slavic languages and german) (no idea if any of those could be useful)


md interests> rp, communication, research, philosophy


what I would like to do> various things, preferably where I could rely on myself and not necessarily on a bunch of other people.

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Managing and organizing things to do, preparing things to be done.  A secretary.


MD interests: Secretarial things. Running "errands. "


Would like to do:
Just about anything asked of me so long as I have definite instruction and it does not require creative thinking.


My time in MD is dependent on whether or not I have a job/assignment. My time on will be more prevalent, however, if I have nothing then my attention is refocused to real life responsibilities.

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Skills: creative writing, typo hunting, organising, translating (any combination between Romanian, French and English). No programming skills (or those that I have are negligible).


Interests in MD: roleplaying, old lore, the Adventure Log, story telling, generally increasing player activity and interest in roleplay.


What you would like to work on now: Pick anything from the interests above, or just throw something to translate or proof-read at me.

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Skills: Versatility in different styles, techniques and types of every artworks, designs, visuals and the overall feeling or atmosphere of a subject giving an impression that would fit what one originally have in mind. Creativity in writing and ideologies. Ability to create non-canonical and unoriginal stories that links into the original story. Versatility in presentation of a subject.

Interests in MD: Necrovion in general, Adventure Logs, research, metaphysics, artworks and the general grand design.

What I like to work on: Adventure Logs, realm expansion through scenes, artworks.

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Skills: creative writing, idea generating, spell/grammar checking, story telling, forum digging for info, some artistic stuffs (may not be MD style though)


Interests: Research, stories, art


What I'd like to work on: anything to do with writing skills or forum hunts (no code related, I can't code at all) or anything that could work with the skills listed above

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Skills: I'm not afraid of reading long posts. I can provide/design sounds/noises for quests, clickies, personal papers, whatever. I have time.

No coding, scripting or graphic skills. 


Interests in MD: "Research and connections"-related stuff.


What you would like to work on now: I would prefer to be involved in something well defined and likely to be implemented. Not much long-term gargantuan projects.

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