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What should the Tree Be called?

Tree Name  

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the mods are just as important as the regualar players. they just do more things than regular players

Ok is it a task to get it to bloom....yes or no. I must admit i felt pretty silly saying all these words etc n nothing happened lol

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Does the thing with the blossoming works? Has someone managed to make it blossom (except Mur in the testing)? And what is the purpose of making it blossom.

ps: Did I tell you that I HATE Bob?

Someone got it to blossom, besides mur, so yes it is possible.

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yay didnt realise that ''sitting in a tree'' thing was international, to be fair i dont know where it comes from though

the full version:

''dst and Bob,

sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G,

First comes love,

then comes marriage,

Then comes dst with a baby's carriage.''

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