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I have a better question, the whole problem of lack of other mp3s is there only because system "forces" new people to fight! Now why is that? Why does the system make people think it's all about combat, why combat is actually the only mandatory part of this game? When you look at it, majority of people that are still playing MD don't even involve themselves in combat, large number of them don't own creatures or have them fully killed, others have creatures just so people who do fight have some targets, and in the end very few actually fight and are interested in it. MD isn't about combat and you all know it very well, but still it's mandatory?!!?


Lets face it system is poorly designed, it requires of people to do something and yet it fails to deliver opportunity to achieve same thing. You just can't make requirement from new players if you can't guarantee that they will have opportunity to accomplish it.


It's like if MMOs were designed that you need to finish regular 20-man raid instance before you are able to exist tutorial area. That's bullshit!


Designer (Mur) should have foresaw this problem earlier or at the time advertisement was stopped that tutorial is asking for something quite extraordinary and hard to achieve and proper changes should have been made. New player should be given some initial purpose or guideline for the game, but you can't that be a thing which depends on uncontrollable condition, which is lack of population.

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No sir! MD isn't divided between roleplayers and grinders, in fact majority doesn't fall in either basket, people just want you to believe that's the case because they just want to divide people, there is no division. Every individual player has different perception of game and priorities and activities and so on. Yet we all play same game, we are all same community. If X person favors combat more than roleplay it doesn't make him grinder or even fighter for that matter, some are here to socialize and not roleplay something that has a thin line between those two that is barely visible. Some are here because of art, some because of politics, some because of philosophy, etc.


DD point out the problem why new players are leaving, I point out the root of that being badly designed system, now it's up to designers to change that so that it really reflects what game is truly about and present it to new players in it's real light.


As you said yourself additional problem is MP progress requirements, that's another challenge for designers when they will be redesigning it and who knows what they will come up with. But they will have to remember that new player needs a feeling of progression else he will quit. That's what is happening now, newbie comes and system tells him to fight, he can't fight anybody and doesn't see any other thing to do in which he could progress and since he can't fight he can't progress or do anything meaningful so he quits. Besides we only have Chew who already has too much things to do and tutorial reconstruction has been planned and talked about for very long time. I don't think it will happen anytime soon which obviously means that the management of game isn't really that concerned with lack of player even thought we players are, if they were concerned they would make it their top priority. Besides do we really have to worry? MD has been like this for couple of years now no? It's steady little game and it's hanging "fine".

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Even for those into role play who may later on completely abandon combat early on combat is an integral part. It is one of the most game-like features in MD and is a good reason to start up a conversation and learn to know someone. Furthermore there isn't all that much combat required to leave mp3.


One thing that might help until we have more players is simply removing mp3, dropping new players in mp4 right away.


By the way, are there any ongoing mp3 quests at the moment?

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I request the mods to move all the posts after this post 15 by Ary http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15544-help-the-mp3s/?p=152564 (<--- including this post 15) to this topic so that the constructive discussion continues.

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Is there a concrete ongoing plan for us to reach the stage to be 'advertiseable' or are we in confused stage? (@admins)

As I understand, Autumn2050 is going to fix a number of issues regarding the tutorial and entry into the game.

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To further my comments, I worked out that the highest MD authorities spend about 80 hours a week helping out in MD. Now at normal unskilled rates thats a lot of money, but then at the more skilled programmers and organisers we have, thats even more money.

Aka the time you players donate, is a lot of money being funnelled into the game. We could never afford to do this without you giving some time. Many thanks to the council and anyone else that helps out.

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Chew and BFH said because game isn't ready for it, as in, it's too broken.


This is true, not to mention the money to do so is limited (server needs to be payed you know :P) There are other options that can help MD, for example activity in MD social media. Unfortunately I'm too busy IRL and my free time is spent for MD on other webs, but that's something I won't discuss here. However, if anybody feels like contributing on those regards, please speak to Chew and/or Council.


Pip is right, autumn 2050 and a couple of other planned and unplanned changes before it's ready, I have an informal list of things Iv discussed with Mur


After Chew finishes his changes, I'll take care of boosting MD traffic using my influence in other webs. Why this can't be done now? To put it in an easy to visualize example, It would be like launching a nuclear strike on an empty enemy base, will cost a lot, but will produce no or very limited effects.




There obviously has to be investment, dst...

See above explanation.








How can you help MD?



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