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In the end: As stated in my previous post, I will happily attempt this once more. The groundwork is set. However, I do believe a "minimum number" of players that I need in order for this to be considered a success would be helpful. The player base is small, and I sadly cannot gather as many as I would want to. Thus it would be a lot more effective to have a small, but tightly knit group.


What are you asking here? A number that council will consider your event a success and create the alliance again?

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Sometimes the doing stuff happens before the planning, or the planning ends up being much simpler than you think it should be. A simple PM to lega/powle saying "let's go here at this time and have a good time doing CoE stuff" goes a long way. Also, make sure you are having fun because MD is a game.

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That is bizarre. I did, indeed, leave chat messages when you didn't appear idle but didn't get replies. I assumed you were afk and that you'd see them later.


There is a problem with idle mode, last hour of it, the idle sign disappears so player looks like he is active but in fact he will be logged out by system shortly.

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i also went through storymode when I went from mp4 to mp5 and i allways chose 24h meditation period so there were Quite a few days that i wasn't able to see anything in chat because all I could access was the story page.

Don't get me wrong Aeo - i'm not saying you didn't do well in your atempt to make this alliance work - on the countrary i think you did a very good job considering how few of us there are and how limited our time seems to be (well at least it is for me). I think perhaps your expectations were a bit too high. If we try to make regular and big events just to get recognised by the council then i sadly doubt we can make it at this time (i don't know about the rest but i got many things IRL right now that make it hard for me to spend much time in MD). That doesn't mean we should just give up on it entirely, maybe we should start small and do things the way they feel natural to us. Whenever one of us has the time and willpower to do an event or even just a friendly discussion like Rophs mentioned we should go for it. Of course as the leader you're supposed to encourage us a bit, but don't get too depressed if sometimes some of us (or even all of us) can't make it. I say give it a little more time...

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I apologize, it was not my intention to join for just a badge. I wanted to be apart of md in some way and the CoE was an alliance that I liked to be a part of in the past. I forgot about the task given and had attempted to help out at the event where we guided people from scene to scene. I am not the best at those sort of events and it normally takes me time to prepare for them.


I should have followed through on what I said I would do.


As of late I have not been in the mood to enter MD as Legna and dropped the ball on anything Legna related for all things Assira related. Hiria went on the back burner long ago.

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