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MDA toilet water bug

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It has zero sky visibilty yet it can happen that water rises to levels such as 2/1 or 3/1 probably during rain.


Edit: it's Public bathroom where you get shared items, not the Marind's bathroom. Haven't checked that one, not even sure if it has water

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Ann. 3067 - [2014-07-08 01:14:57 - Stage 12] Posted By Chewett
MDA public bathroom had some issues with the toilet overflowing, we called a plumber in and fixed it. In addition a number of locations had roofing issues which caused the water in these locations to increase when it rained.
Only locations tagged with sky visibility of "Sky is visible" will have their water values increased when it rains.
In addition the DB has been improved to hold these details in a better format.

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i have no means to cast rain and momentarely i lack the movement ability ( i am again on the tablet).
i will hurl myself, tomorrow evening, there for a week if you think that will help.

i would have not said it if i would have known , would i?

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As I remember, the tribunal is full of leaks and thus is full of water.But i don't think it has clear sky. So, how is it handled?


Its going to work as it does, until someone tells me "Oh yeah this is happening and is a bug" or questions a specific behaviour that doesn't appear to be right. Aka in this thread someone reporting that the toilet increases in water when it rains.


What Im looking for is "This location doesnt/does increase water, It says its X, I think it should/shouldnt" :)


From my perspective (according to how I think Mur did the system and in discussion with some of the people who tagged it up, the system works as it logically should. If you find somewhere that doesnt appear to follow logic feel free to mention it.

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