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Ann. 3010 - [2014-04-30 13:48:33 - Stage 12] - MD Auction

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Send to labyrinth
Send to Random (if possible)

Independent Chat Muffler item ( the thing at loreroot forgot its name)*
Independent Heat Jar
Independent Herb Basket

A set of Lenses
A bottle of Mercury
A Magnet

A full stat removal item (effects only the user) - Void Stone

Key to Archive Maintenance Room (Granting Access)
Key to Quadrature Maintenance Room (Granting Access)

Muratus Del Mur Voodoo Doll

*Will edit when I have more time and remember the names

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Some things I'd rather NOT see sold: Spelldocs Independent Heat Solidifier Anything that increases the accessibility of the Silvertongue spell Independent tools related to the gathering of Wiiya

That's very good decision I totally agree with. I highly disliked those requests for WP auction. I would also like to point out that anti-killing item should be added to this list. If I understood it

A way to convert resources into negative heat (EXP) to keep that cap away.


In that case the spells dst mentioned can also be considered to me made... I was merely extending the list. Great how you took offense to my statement but not dst's.


I was actually replying to dst :P no offence was taken from either of the posts.


Try not to take everything so personally DD, jumping to conclusions is bad for your health :)

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I would also like the creation of a few other items if possible:

A Pony dispenser, which would be a tool on use create a tradable Pony item that is consumable and does nothing.
A Scarlet red cocktail dress
A miniature version of the mentioned dress for the voodoo doll.

A Cow
Independent Milking Tools
An Overtly Phallic Sword

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I wouldnt be surprised if Granny was banned tomorrow for obscenities on the forum :3
Also, SPAAAAAAAAMMMM (this post can be deleted :3)

Funny spam, at least :P
But yeah, we're gonna split a bit and put those... parts... somewhere warm and comfy... or something
Cheated a bit, if you click Nim's quote you reach the first post in the split thread
Edited by Burns
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Would buy:


  • Dream Spell (though as far as I remember, it's a very special feature, so I honestly expect it not to be for sale) - a couple of uses/week would be fine


  • If possible - get a spell that swaps the player between the GoE and GoC (gazebo of Chaos) based on location (if you're at GoE, it sends you to GoC and viceversa) - a couple of uses/week would be fine


  • Spell scripted on The Subtle Knife: either send to GoE or Kill (preferring the latter). I'd also adore to see it made into a Rare item.


  • Scripted item crafted from the 5 blue glowing shards I have (as all 5 are already scriptable) - Soul Shatterer. Haven't decided function yet. 


  • Gold avy? Does this go here?


Err... I don't know how much detail should go into these, as I have no idea how this stuff works, but thought I'd post some wishes here. :) Will update with more details if necessary.

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