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If you stop the page loading part way through you can post if you're otherwise not able to. I've got the same problem.

The image and colors are good... everything seems to take up more space (larger bars, more white space, etc) is it possible to reduce that back down still using the same images/color scheme?

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If i try to reply to ur post, it does not seem to give u a box to type in. I tried moving my cursor to each section which is all white, n tried to type, but nothing. At least with the fast reply, u have ur comment box to type in. Not sure if i made sense lol I'm sure someone else will explain it better :)

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To get the full page, select the x-version...

Rooq is the old one.

To even select, you forum-illiterates :), go all the way down and select it in the selection bar on the left side, it's next to the 'english' bar, or whatever language you have it on.

Btw, it's awesomeness :), I like the metalaxe version.

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[quote name='Prince Lewas' date='19 September 2009 - 07:00 PM' timestamp='1253383227' post='42118']
I think, it's too bright with these white spaces... :D anyway, blue is great. ;):blink:

This was actually for the previous forum version, a skin that mur made. So CLOSED

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