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You are right, I currently dont have stable internet, however I am that addicted to MD I wont miss anything if I can help it!

It has been my character role since I began playing MD to one day lead the MDA - everything I have done up until this point has been to further this goal.


I have a lot more I wish to say on this subject, however I currently have incredibly limited access to the net so don't have time to say it. I should be getting internet back tomorrow, but I humbly request this stage be left open until Tuesday at the latest to cover any possible delays.


If need be though I will make my application during the second stage (since you graciously said it would still be possible then)

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Now that I have [relatively] stable internet again (currently getting minute long drop outs for some reason), I need to message a few people before I make the final decision on whether or not I will stand for this role.


As I said before, this position has been my main motivator for being in MD for the last six years. I also have experience with this sort of position, as I lead the Legend Speakers for over a year and helped raise them back into prominence with members such as Curiose and Fyrd Argentus (who, while some of you may not have always agreed with, where an incredible aid in my efforts) and programs such as the Land Envoys (which was sadly not completed by the time my tenure ended).


However, it is because of my internal perspective of the Archivists that I must take a little more time considering whether to run for this position or not.

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What better person than an ancient fossil with impressions rooted deep on the land to rule it?


I cannot tell truly if I applying or not.  It doesn't really concern me, to be honest.  But if you need a yes or no, consider the needle at yes.


I have a long memory.  I remember rooting.  I remember the starts of this land, I remember the failings, I remember the writing, and the deaths, and the long train of figures that have passed through.  I forget much, but there are impressions on me.  I remember when papers seemed to matter, and spell documents, and where maybe leaving a mark on this land mattered.  I remember that what made people stay was to impress each other, and to feel that a footprint would become a landmark.  See that word?  Land mark.  A mark on the land.  Foot print - just an impression of your sole on the ground, reproduceable.  But to become a land mark.


See that is what I have done.  I am a landmark.  And landmarks never fully die.  MD has had much winter, and in the winter, the trees leave their leaves and do not speak, but inside their maple runs, it flows.  You have forgotten perhaps what Wiiya meant to begin with - identity.  The inner sun shines less in the winter, just as the outer sun shines less.  You see that MD is tilted.


And perhaps our world has a tilt that increases until complete darkness.  Or is it periodic?


Chewett cannot rule the entire land.  So I shall rule a small part of it.


Don't forget - paper comes from me.  My title is Landmark of the Archives.



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So, having received the feedback I needed, I am indeed going to apply for this position.


Traditionally, the Leader of the Academy has been the Master Archivist. This title has been useful to single the bearer out to new players as someone who is knowledgeable about what goes on in MD, as well as remind those internally of who sits at the helm of the land. However, this ended up being a double edged sword, with the loss of our last MA precipitating a major decline in MDA activity and public interest.


The Archivists are not normally in the public eye - we usually sit on the sidelines observing, rather than interfering. Neutrality is a quality we value very highly. It has been the role of previous land leaders to make public the results of the work we conduct, as well as encourage community participation from outside the Archives; for example the Paper Writing quests that Pamplemousse ran as an RPC, or the many lectures that used to be run.

We have in the past had a more proactive and focused branch of the Archives, known as the Legend Speakers, to help keep the MDA in the public eye. I myself helped lead a revival of this branch, with the aid of people such a Fyrd Argentus. The current loss of the Legend Speakers is a major blow to the MDA's public presence, and one that I intend to address once I have the resources; although this is not an easy task.


I have worked for the Leadership and betterment of the MDA for the last six years in MD. Many of you remember me when I was the "eternal MP3"; you all know that I do not advance my ambitions until I feel I am ready to do them justice. That time has finally come.


The title of Master Archivist, while appealing to me for its traditional value, is not one I would choose. It represents the idea of being better than my colleagues - that I inherently know better than they do; that if I am Master they must be subservient. To me, this is not suitable for the MDA. The MDA is an Academy, a place people come to better themselves. It needs a leader who is willing to learn from his colleagues and use their successes and talents to grow the Realm.


All this said, it is important for a Leader to be able to stand out, step forward and take charge. While the MDA's leader needs to consider the knowledge of their associates, they also need the authority to get things done - make the decisions when no agreement can be reached. This position does not need a council, it needs a decisive leader.


With this in mind, I would forgo the title of Master Archivist, and instead take the title of Chancellor of the MagicDuel Academy. I realize this is the same title that Ivorak has suggested, I have suggested it as well because it is the most fitting for the role. Ivorak is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and one of the people who I would rely on in this position, because he is able to see what others do not.


If I receive Leadership of the MDA, I will:

  • Encourage Archivists to take on specific tasks of interest and value to the realm, for example Innocence's current work on the AL.
  • Work to strengthen Land Ties by working with the leaders of the Mainlands to reinstate the Envoy initiative begun with the Legend Speakers.
  • Take steps to encourage community activities such as Public Lectures, Story Nights, and the Seed Walks.
  • Make my decisions while considering the needs and opinions of the citizens of the MDA.
  • Maintain the MDA's position of Neutrality in Land Affairs, that we might better serve all Lands and the Realm as a whole.
  • Strive for new initiatives that will promote a community spirit within the whole of MD.
  • Represent MDA in the best light possible, as its public figurehead.

It is not in my nature to restrict people, rather I prefer to focus them. While I often come up with ideas, it is the feedback I receive that allows me to make them reality. I am a decisive person, but I work to be as informed as possible.


All this said, the following is the description I would take as Chancellor of the MagicDuel Academy:

"The Head of the MagicDuel Academy, it is his responsibility to seek new tasks for the Academy to work on. If there is a subject you want to learn more about, he will be able to help you find a specialist, both within and outside the MDA. Always willing to discuss new ideas and learn something new, he is someone you can talk to about anything. If you have a suggestion, or feedback, he is the one to take it to."

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omg kyph, if the application is so long, i am afraid how our conversations might be as a leader, lol. I need to finish reading it tomorow, i really have a serious concentration issue with long text you know..

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In a second round I will ask evryone ELSE to show their support or their opposing to the people that want this position. In a couple of (not so many) days, i will stop the first round and start the second round. This topic will be used for both. At any point during the second round anyone else can still claim this position in the last minute.




This will not be a vote. The decision will be personal. I just need all of you to help me decide. 

I am looking for that perfectly suited leader to deserve this title. A person that is able to understand what MDA is all about, that can communicate well, has a stainless reputation and most will respect. If anyone has anything to say against one or the other candidate, please say so NOW, or at least show your disapproval, otherwise later on, the leader will have full power of the land citizens and can consider any hostility punishable.

I assume round 2 - community feedback, is next?

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i have a clear ideea of what will happen next, but ..i will wait a couple of days more. Once i make the announcement i can't change it ..so i give myself a bit of time to change my mind :))


don't worry, i didn't forget about this topic....why.. is anyone in a hurry?

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This will be decided in the throne hall, there is no ruch to be there, it will take days, i will try to wait as much as you waited for me, its fine, there is noooo rush. If you go away however, you either return on your own forces somehow, there might be ways, actuallly commonly available ways... or yo remain outside and miss the audience, i will not summon you back there. Lets just hope you will cath the christmas gifts and not remain trapped there till then:)))))

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