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Re-Application to Loreroot

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Nim, If you will read No one's post and mine again you will see that I am not trying to get you to behave the same way.  I was answering the question as to why I supported Granite and was explaining that indeed I had read his posts.  I also stated in my response that I like dst.  I absolutely accept dst for who she is, She makes me laugh.   No one is one of my favorite peoples in Md. (damn but that never gets old :P )  So I have no Idea what you are talking about. 

Did you actually read what I wrote?  Because nowhere in there do I suggest you adopt my point of view; rather I was explaining my point of view.  I did not ask you to change anything.  Simply having a different opinion/perspective than you isn't Hypocrisy.   Granite may have been unpopular to some...but he was my friend... It saddens me to see him gone, and I hope he will return.

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Well said Granite.  You already seem to be a Lorerootian in your heart.  For that I commend you and your refusal to let others define your role.  I would suggest that you continue, as you have stated

To be clear, this isn't at Fang/Granite, purely in response to BT's post.     Just wanting to be a part of a land is not the point, the person has to work within that family. You're not going to i

Since when do lorerootians have such rights or own the forum?   If I get my post deleted because I am not a lorerootian, I will do the same on my part of the forum: delete anything i want based on a

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