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IMPORTANT - Future way of granting titles/roles

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I would go with number two. It is reminiscent of MD style by more than just the color. At first glance you see a paper with a basic color tone and overall plain pattern, but just like MD the closer you look the fact that it is a complex and detailed creation becomes much more evident, so therefore I like 2.

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Finally! I have the layout done..it was enormous work. Many details can't be seen in this pic..and i don't want thwm seen yet. The metal insertions and other cool stuff are not here either, this is ju

I will present step by step ..something.. that will start to take shape slowly and will be a major shift in how the social structure, tags and roles will be acknowledged as official. This is intended

I received a couple of sponsorship offers, from some of you that want to help with the costs of these papers. I am sure you all have good intentions, but please don't send me any such offers. I did no

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at this point i am waiting to find a printing service that can print these in two steps at the needed quality, but i ran only into imbecils that don't understand perfection is mandatory for these prints. I will not buy any images till i find a suitable and affordable printing service because based on the printing costs i might change my mind and design (i still want metallic ink and ultra fine prints, i didn't had time to ask too many companies arround here, but i will eventually find, don't worry)


During  this time, the first Title text will be ready (in the separate topic) and i will know better what elements will be on the page.

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I really like this idea, but I think a non Virtual document would be best sent out as a picture. Something that the player can print out using either their home printer or some printer at a library, etc. This way these docs can be held in the players hands without adding a lot of additional cost to production from MD.

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yeah they will cost..but i don't see md as a business and i am sure i can do some extra efforts to pay them as needed, and maybe i will even get some help from some of you that afford it, over time...however i am not counting on it...and if possible i would like to delay such help, if any, till AFTER i will make them, that way i will avoid any accusations of favoritism


The people that will get such docs (a lot of people) , are the reason md exists. Thinking about the costs is only something that i think of in terms of "will i be able to do it or not"..but not if it is "profitable" or sustainable over time.


Having these docs done the way i want them to be, the way i would like to receive such a thing myself if i were to be a player, is part of my own madness and obsession with details when it comes to md :P ...so there is no need to find more "efficient" solutions..that in fact might give me the feeling i am cutting out quality due to the price (something i am doing anyway sadly), but at least i don't want to be reminded of that. I will try to do them as best i will be able to, and more.


right now i am still searching for suitable printing services ..but there is no rush, i am also busy with something else i am working on and i don't have tie to continue for a couple of days..and my paypal is empty anyway so..no rush. By the time i will be able to get the images i will find a printing service, and by the time i will finish the daisgns i will have enough money to print the first lot.... i am sure everything will syncronize just fine.


i am hoping to create 100 blank documents and send them to 10 people in md (10 each) ...taht would be a minimum. Depending on the financial factor i will do more or less of that. Idealy i want to send 20 per player (to have "forever") and give them to 20 players in total (if there are 20 roles that could be considered of high enough authority to give other titles "under them" to other people) ..that means 20x20=400 documents...sadly thats probably insanely expensive to do at once...but i was just mentioning how i would want to do it "ideally"


update: they won't contain holograms... i was unable to find anyone printing holograms of the size i wanted.  a small ..very small hologram print, costs 1.3$ per print..but its way too small and i wanted something else.



If you believe you might be one of the 1 (or 20) people that will get such a set of documents, please start thinking of your personal seal/stamp/graphical signature. Make a sketch on paper and if it will be the case, i will require that so i can make you a vector shape out of it so you can use it to create a real stamp, or at least to have a better start for creating a "free" stamp out of rubber or resin. If anyone can provide info on methods to create stamps at very low cost, don't be shy to post about it or create a dedicated article with some sample pics OF YOUR OWN. It will save me lots of time, otherwise i will be doing that myself at some point.

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I received a couple of sponsorship offers, from some of you that want to help with the costs of these papers. I am sure you all have good intentions, but please don't send me any such offers. I did not reply to them, because i am replying here, and this is valid for everyone. 


Financial support is more than welcome of course, but i will not accept any such support until i will announce the people that will receive such docs (to distribute further, like the kings for example, but not just them). It would place me in a weird position where i can't send you such a doc even if you paid a significant part of the cost, and thats something i want to avoid. Once i will announce who gets them, you are free to offer your support, then you will know for sure if you get something or not, and your support will not be considered to influence my decision. I hope its clear what i mean.


Currrent status:

nothing new. I am facing a wall of stupidity and missunderstanding from local printing services that somehow get scared to print such a thing the way i want it, and with the stamp, i face an other idiotic issue,...namely, i need to provide documents about the identities on the stamp..hahha..yeah..ofc this is a stupidity, and probably if i will go to an other shop it will be fine, but i think i will print myself a fake document to prove i am the king of the east lands :)))) ..it would actually be original :))) ..i thought to share this small and hilarious incident with you :)

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I got the Dominion stamp today ..yeeeyy. I still have no ink for it, i couldn't find the right size on stock anywherr..its huge stamp. This mighr be either partially with UV elements, or red ink partially uv visible, or entirely uv and used as a background for the text area of the doc (writing on both stamp ink and security pattern will make it really really hard to alter after). .. in a few days (a week or two maybe, depends on my funds) i will get the ink and ..how its called that you put the ink on...

See attached img for the final form and size of the stamp i just got...its as i said..huugee


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Ok, thanks everybody for not really giving a fuck about all this. I put it public, i asked your opinion, somehow i missed this tying error, now i've spend a lots of money making this insanely large stamp that i was so happy about ..and now you notice the type error. I wonder if anyne even looked at the initial picture or text that i put. I am just one, and have my eye formed on what was supposed to be writing, thats why i posted here to a bunch of people to double-triple check all is fine.


I am really in a very bad mood right now, my enthusiasm to make the process of making these docs public and with public involvement suddenly vanished...i mean what the hell is the point to ask the community to spell check or just give an opinion on something if after weeks of waiting, you notie the mistake the same day the item si aready made. fuck it really. I will make them myself from now on and don't need any of your support, all i asked was opinions, especially on small things i might miss due to my very VERY stressed and busy life, thats the bit that filled the glass.


I don't even know if DOMINIUM means something or its just a pathetic spelling mistake. I googled it and i don't understand what it realy means or in what context it applies actually. 


damn i am angry. I think i will throw it away, and one sunny day when i won't have anything else to do with the money i will try it again, anyhow, this is the last thing i will show public from what will come, the rest you will see them if you get them by post, end of discussion. and topic. If anyone has anything to reply to the meaning usage of the word dominium and if it can be used while in the text below writes dominion, please send me a pm.

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dominium = absolute control/ownership

dominion = sovereignety / the territory of a sovereign


Tribunal Lands the territory of a sovereign Mur OR Tribunal Lands Absolutely controled/owned by Mur


To me it's same thing, personally I don't see difference in their meaning. Although both words are english, dominium sounds more latin-ish :p

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I sadly was without internet while that part of this thread of written, and speed read through all the topics I missed, so missed the spelling mistake myself, but yes its fine as it is.


It actually fits better right now, with the "contest" to become King of the East.

Its a Latin term meaning Control, Dominion, and Ownership; usually in regards to land. In Roman Law the term means you have absolute ownership of corporeal property subject only to the state (which, as you are the state, means subject only to yourself); and in Medieval Law it is used in reference to Political Power granted through Lordship, Sovereignty, Suzerainty, etc.

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As I "read" it.
Tribunal lands ----- Dominium of Mur.
Dominium refers to that part of the Lands of the East you keep as your own, mostly called Dominion of Mur.
Technically, of course, you hold dominion over all of MD but as a player you chose to keep just your "dominium" as your own.
The text below the seal refers to what ever authority you as "dominion holder" choose to speak for you. So yes, it's fine. I think it looks more official this way.
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So dominium is "above" dominion and the dominion is part of this dominium. That sound very good, yet someone told me it sounds wrong in English. Azull's explenation means also that the land name shouldn't be changed?

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