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Authority of the King - Land Legacy Box

Muratus del Mur

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I want to make something really  really amazing, that totally exceeds my financial capability ...but i thought to open this subject publicly and see what you think. Can this be done, should it be done, or not.

This idea might be a good replacement or solution for the MD Diploma ideea.


I want to make a box, wooden box with decorations. This box will contain a set of special crafted papers, something ultra high quality, with security elements, diploma style decorations, like bond certificates. To match the paper, there will also be an equal number of envelopes, also something special, MD style. The box will also contain two stamps, one will be with the land crest and one will be a custom stamp special made for the current land king. Each paper will be pre-stamped with my stamp too. Special stamp ink, maybe UV sensitive ink, maybe also seal wax and rope for sealing the letter ..depends on final cost. Each box will also have a special compartment where me and the current king that holds it will fill with things to remember, these things will be passed on from king to king, giving value and importance to the king role each time its passed on.


I plan to send such a box to each king. My idea is that each king will pass this box on to the next one, with the remaining papers and the land stamp, and they keep their own stamp...sort of legacy item.

The king will be able to give certificates and decrees and use these documents to establish their own land specific roles and titles. This could replace the MD diploma ideea, and have each king give their own documents during their reign. 


Of course there are problems that we need to think of...what if the king doesn't want to pass on the box? What if the sending cost is too high for the king to mail the box properly? What should the king keep except his own stamp, ..i know it is painful to give away such a cool item along with the king role, and i don't want some angry king/queen to destroy the lands legacy in anger...the need to keep something too.


I estimate the cost of such a box to arround $150 plus probably 30$ for the shipping (not sure exact numbers ofc, +/-20% maybe)


i can't afford this cost. Of course i will not want anythign for all the crafting/design work i will put in this, that goes without saying, so we are talking only about materials cost.  


I see a couple of options to do this..maybe ask the citizens to sponsor/donate something each, or make it a fundraising with significant rewards. I am not sure how to make sure that the king will pass on the box to the next when his reign ends..maybe a financial warranty? I don't think this will work because the box will be so amazing that they will want to keep it even if paying the full price for it....but it might be an option to discuss.



What do you say, can this be done? Should this be done? Are you willing to support such a project financially yourself? Its easy to talk about what others might do or not, but i want to hear concrete things so i know on what i can count. If i start making these boxes i will make one at a time, and if the community won't be able to support the construction of all of them, it will be weird to have just one or two lands with such a box.


While this matter will be discussed here, i will work on my own box for the Dominion. This way i will get a good idea of the actual cost of such an item, and i will prepare the know-how so i can build the other boxes in case this idea will turn to reality. In case it won't become reality, i can still use my box :P


P.s. This is a mixed concept between how i wanted black letters to be given out, and the MD Diploma idea. Black letters stopped because they are too difficult to manufacture and i don't have time to make personalzied letters for each...but these docs are entirely different, and the workload will be split to each land king.


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I really like the idea of it. However, when all is said and done MD is still a game. Or considered as such by most. Given the amount of effort/time/money the average person is prepared to invest in it. And the level of responsibility most, even those with serious roles, feel for it all. I don't think it will work as you envision it.

But then, I'm a pessimist :)

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black letters required mainly my time to be created and i realised my actual available time is nothing compared to the enthusiasm i had when wanting to make them. The MD Diploma remained just at concept level, and also my time was the issue, because i was supposed to make them...but with this box the certificates (lets not call the diploma because they are not), would be created by the kings.


If the remark about the knife was a joke, it was a painful one. Yeah i gave up the knife, in fact i bought one that fits my budget, but thats an other story.


Two important people "voted" no for this idea, that already cut my enthusiasm in half, but lets see what others say. About being a waste of time, that i am sure of, but it will be a waste of time that keeps me alive and i always have time for things that "keep me alive"..its why i spent so much time making md afterall, not that it makes any sense investing so much effort in it if it wouldnt have been pure passion as the driving force to do it.

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If its your time, then thats up to you. You know that we all have our decision how we want to spend out time, so we spent it how we want.

If the community want to see if funded, fine, But I personally feel that any money that comes into MD should first be going to ensure that MD is actually alive. Having a box is all well and good but if there is no server/community/whatever then there is no MD.

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now i feel like a child that is brought back to reality by adults... i should say thank you probably..but i feel dissapointed... in a childish way, don't get me wrong :) Its good you tell me the things that i refuse to see myself :)

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I think that simply the process of creating this box, having there for people to discover would be very very beneficial.  Never knew what the black letters were, sounds fascinating :D


I won't donate to making these, but would (without a vow, and assuming we can figure out practicalities, and since I'm lucky and can) loan to help cover the first box, i.e. YOURS, if that would take some pressure off you.


And frankly couldn't care less if any more come into being; yours is the important one.




If the remark about the knife was a joke, it was a painful one. Yeah i gave up the knife, in fact i bought one that fits my budget, but thats an other story.


Two important people "voted" no for this idea, that already cut my enthusiasm in half, but lets see what others say. About being a waste of time, that i am sure of, but it will be a waste of time that keeps me alive and i always have time for things that "keep me alive"..its why i spent so much time making md afterall, not that it makes any sense investing so much effort in it if it wouldnt have been pure passion as the driving force to do it.

:( well this seems like a much better thing to put real money into than that in a zillion ways, but what do I know about knives...

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I say no for the idea.


It's cool to have something physical from MD, and not only virtual, the legacy idea I liked very much, but there is no certainty that the queen/king will leave the box for her/his sucessor, so a money that can be spent for the joy of few people.


Of course, if there is an politic authority that wish to build his/her own box and give it to the sucessor, or send certificates to his/her citizens, I will find this idea awesome. What you could do, is to build the stamps and seals, and send the models for the queen/king that wish to do this, so it is up to him decide if he/she wants to participate.

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i see the general reaction to this idea is negative...its probably the realistic way to see this ..

So i will keep this for myself, as a fancy thing to have :)


I can't give the plans out for whoever wants them to create them because that will mean that some kings will afford it, some won't, and this will cause unfair advantages.


I am sorry if my 'dreams' sounds too far from actual md reality, i still like to treat md related matters in a certain way, even if that way sometimes is far far away from the current reality/situation of the community...maybe its better like this.


Maybe a ultra low budget thing would be to create individual stamps for each king, and leave the paper/packaging issue up to them to do as they wish. I will consider this subject closed, and i will let you know when/if i will make my own "box" ...maybe if you see it you will reconsider :P

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Personally, I think it's a really cool idea, and even cooler to be able to have something physical related to MD.


Financially, I have to say no.


The "find the middle-ground" part of me says... start small. I don't know if or what current land leaders have in their real-life possession to represent MD, but there are some ideas that can be taken from the big idea and built around, such as the wax stamp. That's the one that really would be something special to me. For little to nothing (if you know how to work wood and/or have access to anything to carve out the stamp part) you could make these yourself and send them out, only real price would be the shipping involved. Also, if the king ended up keeping it, instead of passing it on, then you wouldn't be out the expense of purchase, just the time it took you to make and whatever shipping is. The wax... well, that'd be between you and the ruler to decide who purchases that I think. Some players are well funded, where as others are not. MD/You could help out who couldn't afford to purchase the wax themselves, but encouraging them to make that purchase allows for them to personalize that part of their kingly stamping/sealing documents ability.


So far as the King specific stamp, for regular ink, i know those can be purchased US for maybe 5 dollars. Unsure of the cost of UV specific stuff, as I've never dealt with it.


I also like the idea of the papers but for now, I can't think of a cost-effective way to do this, other than building a sharable document, and they can print them off as needed on whatever type of stationary/paper they choose.


All in all though, I really do like the idea, but with as small as MD is right now, i'm just having a very hard time justifying the expense. If none else, it might be best to keep it in the "when we get big again" pile.



**edit, I was typing this as Mur posted and didn't see the post til after i posted this. sorry.

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why not the kings have a personal diary of sorts? 1 for each land! (i was watching national treasure 2 and i got the idea from the secret presidential diary thingy. :p) that diary/notebook can be passed through generations! :3
shouldn't cost much to send it by post too. And it can contain secrets or experiences or philosophy or feelings or memories. Isn't as great the idea you suggested. But works at a way cheaper rate and carries part of the idea. They can also be offered as quest rewards! Maybe. >.>

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Mur this Idea in theory is good but in finances and time it is not.


As Chewy says MD needs to be more alive for something of that size/level.



I don't see why you could not do something on a bit of a smaller scale. How big does the item need to be

Paper/envelopes (This sort of item each king could make/purchase themselves more personal)

the stamps while a good idea would be costly so again why not push that back to each king?

creating there own stamp or purchasing one.


in that you would only need to create the box and your personal stamp to go with it.

In fact i think if you had time or really wanted to you could make it something MD general players could

purchase with a proton of funds going to MD


As much as i think it would be really cool to have such a thing in RL from MD it is an expense that currently most players cant afford be it time or money.

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Why not encourage the Kings to do this themselves, if they so desire? 


If I had continued my role as TK Leader, I would have totally made myself a treasure chest and carved some symbols into it.


Perhaps whoever is the current leader could do that...


Wait, is the TK still even a thing?

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Give BFH a small advertising budget


I have unlimited resources for MD on some webs, just that advertising MD is a waste of those resources until MD gets fixed. But this all are secrets, spoilers, etc. :P


Murry, I loved the concept, but yes it is a waste of money. However, that concept can be coded? I mean code have no limitations, in comparison to real life objects so... maybe you can make a virtual box for kings and fulfill the wish that way

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