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Brother how about taking out this Creature upgrade restrictions for MP lvls.  Yeah the Old school way hehe.

I'm thinking about mp3 have a place like GG more mp2 Mp3 cannot be attack to everybody. if she/he get out his safe land called free to attack mp3 vs mp5. We need a land for mp3? This land dwelli

What about the fact that MB and NC has valid reasons for a war, and it was all likely to happen (including have a Torch Contest) and since no one wanted it, it didnt happen and they just made peace?

Not at all what I meant. If player A had too many more losses than wins, he would no longer be able to get ANYTHING from battles that he lost. If Player B had too many more wins than losses, he would no longer be able to get any wins for creatures, stat bonuses, anything at all.


On second thought, however, this would require reworking the combat system in a significant way (which I won't bother mentioning because it won't happen) so forget I brought it up.

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Since you asked for a feedback

5) classlike system of fighting, no mps, level decided by stats and combatknowledge
(Mp 5)

6) gradual implementatioon of viscosity on new players
(Sunfire mp 5)


5. Perhaps a system where you only gain stats from defeating people with stats similar to yours, and lose stats fighting people too much weaker? You could still gain stats from saccing creatures. This is just a random idea, I haven't really thought it through. I eagerly await dst/no one's criticism as to why this is a stupid idea.


6. I personally think viscosity should replace Exploring Points, which are essentially useless, and that viscosity should be linked to you personally. That way, the first time you enter a scene that few people get to, it would have a high cost, but as you enter it more and more, your own viscosity cost would go down, Certain scenes that people need to access, like the aramory, would be exempt from this. The initial viscosity cost to enter a scene would be the same way it is now.

5. What is the fault of a stronger player for his stats ? Why do you want to penalize the players that enjoy attacking ? As you said : you just haven't really thought it through


When you have an idea, please try to see it from all sides.

6. Exploring points ... I gave you my feedback on it long time in its own topic: it sucks.



Another random idea that just popped into my head: why not enforce balance instead? If you have too many more wins than losses, or vice versa, you can't get any more until you get more balanced?

There is already such incentive , remember the skill damage you get for too many loses ? Maybe you would like that the limit to be set starting with 50 more loses over win ?



What awful impact does this incentive change have?

Simple, it would allow ppl to lay idle to get farmed and lose nothing.

You already have options to avoid loses and to avoid skill damage. Think of them and use them. Using attacks on rage will do you no good.


In MD you have to think when engaging a battle or you have to already be strong enough.

You also have to think when stepping out of the house while armed. If you don't want to get attacked, don't care any weapon / creature (there are other options too).

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I realize it's a bit late to be saying this, but late is better than never.


3) prolong idle mode to 8 or more hoursto increase targets
(Mp 5)


I really, really like this idea, and I think the time of 24 hours is most appropriate (longer is kind of unnecessary, since you can usually log in once a day. Although me being lazy and inactive, I'd make use of idling for a solid week if I could xD).

Honestly, I wanted to be able to idle for 24h way back in mp4, and I just got used to things as they are.


If people can idle for the full time until their login the next day, it would allow a community sparring grounds with casual members who are literally always there.

Also, people could make themselves permanently PM-able and poke-able by idling in a sanctuary.


Let's look at things this way - as I see it, there are 3 main continual draws to MD: combat, RP, and community. This has always been so. I myself was drawn by the rather unique PvP-only combat system (as such, adding respawning NPCs would be a _VERY_ bad idea), and have been a bit enchanted by the community.

Item crafting, etc, just make it more like every generic MMO out there, which MD can't (or better said, shouldn't) really compete with, IMHO. It would need to have a LOT of work to approach combat or RP as a major draw.


Boosting idle timers will directly increase targets for combat, and it cannot hurt RP. Making ingame contact easier across timezones certainly is a good thing.



It's not like the server's overloaded with people, and people who don't want to fight stay in sanctuaries anyway, so I see no reason not to implement this.

Seriously, there are far more empty aramors than actual people in the realm.

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(hell of a week, so bit later than the planned weekend :P)


1) wild creatures, these will be NPCs of varying strength, traveling around to both promote exploring as help lower mps find more targets, these would respawn on a regular basis

(Mp 3)


I won’t support this, NPC is not the MD way, targets are players. Yes there are little now but I have good hope for 2050 to change that over time.

2) a buddy mentoring system where each young player has someone looking over him more personally, so each mentor will only have few students unlike protectors
(Mp 4)


There are already mentors in the realm, most of them are or were MP6 or LHOs, contact them and you will find help and guidance. I don’t see the need for hardcoded system of mentoring. A good mentoring depends on the relation between the mentor and the apprentice so appointing one for them is not a good idea. And I think there are better things to code currently

3) prolong idle mode to 8 or more hours to increase targets
(Mp 5)


I see the sides of pro and con but I think it is good as it is. Increasing it now only is because of the low playerbase, but again I have good hope it will change. (Apophys, f you want to be a training dummy, why not be awake and help others with their training, makes you double useful, and the idle duration wont matter when you're awake)

4) introducing a real warmechanism
(Mp 5)


Wars as it is is hard to do as we currently lack the members to have one. However that shouldn’t stop us from working out a model for how it could work. this means the system (hardcoded) around it, not the story/RP

5) classlike system of fighting, no mps, level decided by stats and combatknowledge
(Mp 5)

Chewett is working on this with his combatteam.


6) gradual implementatioon of viscosity on new players
(Sunfire mp 5) 


Viscosity is removed from NML, further changes are being discussed.


7) day of the tree


I don’t really see the point, one day the resources can’t be gathered and encouraged to grow, so that the next day, when they deplete they’ll only get more.


8) resource sacrificing


Interesting idea, yet i dont like the statgain, resources should have more uses but i dont see how “burning” a flower would gain you defence etc.

Interesting concept but it’d require more thought of the output. where and how, what to gain,...




so in short most ideas brought forward are considered and only few got past the idea stage, and these are the ones:

warmechanism and resource saccing


interested people can contact me and we can work further on those topics

to make this work we need to get past concept phase into realy building it


this is not a conclusion yet, new ideas are always welcome

im looking forward to hear from you



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