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I didnt receive a warning. 
And since when have MD's standards been so strict? I mean, if it's okay for Imgur(where all the cat ladies live), it should be good enough for MD, no?

No. Sorry i was under the impression grido was going to warn you, he didnt because he couldnt find it. I can fully write a warning out now if you wish, or you can take this comment as a wish.

Imgur also has a lot of nudity that is permitted also that would not be permitted on MD. This is MD not imgur, the rules are not the same.
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Nudity is not permitted what so ever? O.o But what ever. Can I be refunded the credit I spent on my Mood Panel? -_-

If you have been on imgur, there is a lot of full frontal nudity that is there, Just because its on imgur doesnt mean its allowed because there is a large amount of content and very few moderators.
As for the refund, feel free to request it from the council, but im pretty sure it wont be given.

Apparently I have to pay for my mood panel access again? No idea why... but I've had it for like 3 years now...

This was a bug in removing the mood panel status that has now been fixed, i did not intend to remove the access.
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I know several Middle School age kids that don't watch things like that.  They aren't goody-two-shoes either.  They just don't find it entertaining. 


Argue all you want you were still in the wrong in this.

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